Melanie Sykes Breakfast With Friends

What’s For Breakfast?

Breakfast fashions rapidly come and go, with fitness Instagrammers regularly posting pictures of their complicated almond milk breakfast smoothies or avocado and egg concoctions on the one hand, and a coffee + croissant grabbed from the cafe by your office on the other. Some of us love something hearty and and filling at 7am, but for the rest of us, nothing could be less appealing.

Here are our top 10 breakfasts – a little bit healthy, a little bit realistic…

Keeping It Light

Melanie Sykes Breakfast Tea and Toast

For some of us, the alarm clock going off does not mean that we are actually awake yet. Perhaps you get up a little before the children to give yourself a head start on the day with the news or your emails before swinging into action, or maybe you just have a chilled morning ahead of you, but taking 10 minutes to bring a cup of tea and a slice of toast back to bed can be sheer bliss.

This is the time for common or garden English Breakfast Tea, and a slice of buttery sourdough – perhaps with a smear of blueberry jam (just don’t get it on the sheets!).

A Tiny Bit More Effort

Melanie Sykes Breafast Granola Fruit Juice

Tea and toast a bit too dull for you? Whether you buy or make it (have a great granola recipe to share? Tweet Melanie at @msmelaniesykes), a bowl of granola with Greek yoghurt and fruit is probably a slightly more virtuous start to the morning than buttered toast! Some feel that there is too much sugar in orange juice, but if you avoid cartons and have the time and energy to squeeze your own oranges in the morning, the health benefits should outweigh the dangers.

Strawberries and still quite expensive at this time of year, but blueberries are often on offer and last well in the fridge.

Colour With A Bit Of Kick

Melanie Syke Breakfast Fruit Coffee

This is more of a Melanie kind of breakfast – a delicious combination of fruit with a sprinkling of something sweet (in this case a dollop of chocolate chia pudding), and a delicious cup of coffee.

We take coffee very seriously here – it’s worth investing in good beans, and you don’t need expensive kit to make a fabulous cup. An Aeropress is simple to use and costs less than £25. Wherever you are in the UK there is bound to be a great local coffee roastery, but if you’re ordering them, check out Round Hill Roastery.

A Fabulous Twist On Oatmeal

Melanie Sykes - Fig and Cashew Zoats Receipe fro Ariana Gernet

Porridge is a wonderful breakfast option, but can get a little bit samey, after a while.

But there are plenty of simple ways to pimp your breakfast bowl. You can experiment with different toppings, such as rhubarb and vanilla or fig and pistachio, or try replacing the dairy with creamy coconut milk.

But there’s a more exciting, daring option… check out this gorgeous recipe for Fig and Cashew Zoats from Liebes.

Here's One I Made Earlier...

Melanie Sykes Breakfast Chia Pot

A chia pot is an easily prepped, healthy and filling breakfast that you can stash in the fridge the night before and grab in the morning.

There is a huge range of ways you can prepare chia porridge – use daily, coconut or almond milk, mix in fruit, fresh coconut, raw cacao powder, or vanilla bean paste, raw cacao nibs, dates – even avocado. Brenda of One Hungry Mami posts some of her favourite recipes here.

The Classic: Avocado on Toast

Melanie Sykes Breakfast Egg on Toast

This doesn’t have to be a Sunday morning special – it takes less than five minutes to prepare and will keep you going all morning.

Pop an egg on to fry or poach, stick a thinly cut slice of sourdough in the toaster and while you’re waiting, smush up a whole or half avocado with a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of olive oil. Assemble, garnish with a pinch of salt and a little chili sauce and you’re good to go. If sourdough isn’t available, we love Marks & Spencer Super Seeded bread.

A Tiny Bit More Effort

Melanie Sykes Breakfast - Eggs Avocado Skillet

Feeling a bit more ambitious? Another spin on the protein-rich and morning-fuelling egg and avocado combination, huevos rancheros is a Mexican dish with plenty of scope for flavour and variety. The eggs are cooked in with the delicious tomato base, and scattered with coriander, chili and anything else that takes your fancy. If it’s a work morning (that you’ve chosen to while away cooking an elaborate breakfast!) then maybe go easy on the garlic…

We love Hemsley +  Hemsley’s recipe.

Going All Out

Melanie Sykes Breakast Blueberry French Toast

Enough with healthy. We need a treat now, please, and what could be more of a treat than blueberry French toast smothered in maple syrup? Yes – maple syrup is expensive, but ideally you shouldn’t really be using it every day, so a bottle *should* (in theory anyway!) last a few weeks, and it’s such a worthwhile treat.

Wait until the children have gone out (because you know what will happen), and settle in for some indulgence.

When You Just Need Breakfast

Melanie Sykes Breakast Dorset Cereals

Complicated breakfast recipes are all well and good, but sometimes you just need breakfast right this minute. Low sugar cereals that will keep you going and pack a nutritional punch are worth every penny, and Dorset Cereals are easily available as well as offering a huge range of gorgeous combinations – I can’t wait to try the Machu Picchu Muesli (maybe it’s that promise of a hint of coffee!).

Glitz things up a little with some fresh fruit or fresh coconut chunks (our most recent obsession and only about £1 in the supermarket).