Interview with Veronica Basharatyan

BASHARATYAN V the newly launched label by the talented, young fashion designer Veronica Basharatyan, specialises in creating outstanding, individually tailored women’s clothing using unique, luxurious fabrics.

Each season collections include feminine and elegant pieces with silhouettes from simple cut dresses to oversized shapes and body-con forms with some pieces featuring delicate prints of images and symbols which represent a deeper meaning and the different emotions that a person can experience.

Veronica Basharatyan was born in a family of Balkarian-Armenian origins. She graduated from London College of Fashion in July 2010 and launched her own label the following summer. To achieve a broader understanding of fashion Veronica also studied at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and worked as a design assistant with Natasha Drigant in Moscow and as a sales assistant at Ralph Lauren in London. The brands signature ‘ribbon knit’ technique is found each season in a charming range of garments, shoulder/neck detailing and even accessories.

The BASHARATYAN V brand has found itself a niche market of customers that appreciate its conceptual creativity, research technique, unique fabrics and outstandingly original shapes and prints, created in the BASHARATYAN V atelier. Designed and produced in London, the brand offers supreme, hand finished luxury garments for the discerning woman.

We speak to the talented designer Veronica Basharatyan about her inspirations, influences, highlights and the future of the brand.

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What made you want to go into design?

I’ve dreamt of being a designer since I was 7 years old. I remember watching a soap opera “Mi Segunda Madre”, where the main actress was a fashion designer. It seemed fascinating to create beautiful clothes for women and I thought: “this is who I want to be when I grow up”

What inspires you as a designer?

Traveling, countries, traditions. All my collections are inspired by various countries and traditions. Through my collections I “tell” the world about this or that country or tradition. For instance in collection “Siberia” I portrayed stereotypical thinking of Siberia as a very cold and “icy” place keeping in mind that it was a spring/summer collection.

Are there any people in your life, celebrities or style icons of the past or present who inform your design process?

I am inspired by lots of people but not necessarily celebrities although I have had the honour of dressing many – I admire strong and intelligent women from around the world who make a difference in their own communities or lives, such as successful business women or charity leaders, that have a contemporary feminine style.  A lot of my inspiration comes from different cultures and traditions.


Veronica BASH

What have been the highlights for Basharatyan V thus far?

Our bespoke piece was designed and made specially for Barbra Streisand.

What do you have in store for the future of the brand?

We are now planning to open our first mono brand boutique in Russia.

What is the signature style of Basharatyan V?

Our signature BASHARATYAN V technique is ribbon knit – a specially created fabric from various ribbon made by hand. We incorporate pieces of ribbon knit in almost all our designs.


How would you describe the Basharatyan V woman?

Basharatyan V woman is a professional in her chosen career with disposable income, an interest in high fashion and the modern world. She is a traveler and a holiday maker who plays a very active role in cultural city life(theatres, concerts, art exhibitions etc), enjoys being surrounded by socialites. She is aware of celebrity choices, but at the same time sees her style as unique and different. She is a trend follower in music and books and searches for unusual statement pieces for her everyday social life.

What are the your best-selling styles?

Definitely our crop tops and our high waisted straight trousers. They’ve been “travelling” with us from one collection to another – being very popular among our clients.

What is your design philosophy? 

My design philosophy is create luxury womenswear for women who appreciate conceptual creativity ensuring that the pieces I create for them are produced in unique fabrics and fit them impeccably.

Thank you for your time Veronica we look forward to seeing more of your stunning designs.