Theta Healing With Deborah Talalay

I am always looking for ways to create some peace and harmony in my life and a lot of that comes from coming to terms with personal history and making peace with my decisions and my actions all of which make me me but they also don’t define me.

We are always evolving whether we realise it or not. For some it is a slow process, for others identifying our behaviour in order to change it or improve on it comes a bit more naturally. I am definitely in the latter camp but we do have residual ideas and belief systems that have grown armour over time and are harder to shift and manifest itself in repetitive behaviour that maybe not be good for us.

Meet Deborah Talalay

It was with this in mind I was introduce to Deborah Talalay who is a Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer.

Deborah is a leading London-based Theta healer with practices in Harley Street and West London. Using Theta Healing, Homeopathy, NLP and as a Healer, Deborah has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life for a wide variety of complaints.

Deborah was an actress for many years. After years of repeated chest infections she was forced to look into alternative therapies for some answers. On the road back to health she became so fascinated by what these therapies could achieve where conventional treatments had failed, that when her eldest son was born in 1986 she decided to train as a homeopath.

How Theta Healing Works

It is actually quite difficult to explain the process in which she takes you through but with your thumb and first finger of the right hand you make a circle and she asks you questions about yourself then she can test your responses and whether they are true for you by being able to break the fingers in relation to what you are saying.

Debbie says “I’m actually using Kinesiology – which is muscle testing – and I’m having a conversation with your unconscious mind.

So when I can’t pull my fingers through it means your muscles are strong and that means your answer is yes.

When I can pull my fingers through it means your muscles are weak and so your answer is no.

If you liken the brain to a computer – the brain is your hardware and it carries many programs which are your software.

Most of these programs are ok and serve you well– but some are viruses. I find the viruses by talking to your unconscious mind and then I clear them.

We mostly have no idea of what we’re carrying because often these viruses are not even ours – but have somehow got downloaded onto our minds.”

Revealing and Emotional

In doing the exercises you  can work through the areas in which we lie to ourselves about or things we think are true but they are not. This process aims to release them. It is actually intense and I cried quite a bit but it was all part of my healing process.

It is staggering the old wounds we carry around with us even when we think we are functioning well.

Debbie has a great way about her and is obviously completely trustworthy. The session is extremely revealing about one’s psyche and I imagine someone who has never had therapy would be a bit blown away by it.

I felt emotionally lighter when I left the practice and that bit more clued up about me, my life and my new beginnings.

Over the years Debbie has added to her skills by qualifying in Kinesiology, becoming a Master Practitioner in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – and more recently becoming an advanced Theta Healer.

Workshops and lectures include The College of Psychic Studies and The City Business Library. Group sessions are available on request. Deborah practices in Harley Street and Chiswick, West London