The British Heart foundation’s Bag It Beat It Campaign – Get Involved!

When I was approached by the BHF to help in highlighting their new ‘Bag It Beat It’ charity campaign, I was absolutely staggered by the statistics around women and heart disease, the most frightening one being that heart disease kills more than twice as many women in the UK as breast cancer.

Here are the staggering facts:

28,000 women die from heart attacks each year in the UK – an average of 77 women per day – or 3 every hour

68,000 women go to hospital following a heart attack each year in the UK – an average of 188 women per day, or 8 per hour

76,000 women die from heart and circulatory disease each year in the UK – that’s a quarter of all female deaths

There are 3.5 million women living with cardiovascular disease in the UK

Coronary heart disease kills more than twice as many women in the UK as breast cancer

Heart and circulatory disease nearly kills more women than all cancers combined

There are around 275,000 female heart attack survivors living in the UK today – many of these will be living with heart failure.


To raise money for much needed research The British Heart Foundation is collecting good quality clothes, accessories and toys to sell in their charity shops. They provide the bags and even pick them up from your home. You getting rid of your unwanted stuff helps to fund life saving research.

To shine some media attention on this amazing idea Amanda Byram, Kate Thornton, Angelica Bell, Gemma Atkinson, Glynis Barber and I joined forces to do a big photoshoot with the wonderful and talented photographer Elisabeth Hoff.

What a big shoot organise that was! It was executed with great efficiency though and I just want to say well done to all the behind the scenes team.

It was also great fun catching up with the all the ladies and making new acquaintances.

The stylist Chris Brown had a wall of stunning red dresses to choose from for the shoot – it was like being a kid in a candy store! I am delighted with the dresses I chose, especially the beautifully floaty ethereal dress, although the reason I’m laughing in my picture is because Elisabeth asked me to put my hands on my heart and I said ‘I can’t remember – which side is it on again?”

To get involved, all you have to do is go to the BHF website and order the bags – I have and it takes seconds to do. Then when they arrive, fill them up and either take them to your local store – all their sites are on the website – or arrange free collection on 08082500024. It’s so easy – please do it!

Together we can fight heart disease.