Summer Beach Trends: Gold

Melanie Sykes Gold Temporary Tattoos Hand
Melanie Sykes Gold Temporary Tattoos

Our favourite beach trend for this summer is gold temporary tattoos, like these ones on Melanie’s hands and feet from earlier in the Spring.

They have been huge for the last year, of course – we’ve seen them on Melanie, of course (she has her own collection with Glim Glam), but also Beyonce, Little Mix, Selena Gomez and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been popping up all over Instagram, gilded and adorned, and now the holidays are starting, we’ll be seeing a lot more in the coming months.

Although they can bring some fun glamour to an evening look, we think that they really come into their own on the beach, shimmering in the sun.  Jewellery can get lost, clogged up with sunblock or get in the way, but gold – or silver – temporary tattoos make an unlikely practical alternative, with just enough edge.

Our favourites are Glim Glam, where you can order Melanie’s own collection, Flash Tat (main image above) and Topshop, where you can mix and match the gold with modern white.

*Melanie’s gold temporary tattoo shot taken by Melanie’s good friend and photographer Sam Hemsley.