Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers – Ditching Gel for Old-fashioned Bars

I recently stayed over at a friend’s home and noticed that she had a lovely collection of soaps in her bathroom. Not only did they look good, they smelt amazing. I have been using shower gels for the longest time and me and the boys go through them at such a crazy pace and it can get pricey.

Growing up, my mum always bought imperial leather for her family of five but it is heavily perfumed and not very moisturising. However, the bars lasted for a long time so really cost effective, which got me thinking.

I decided to see what was on the market, found some lovely soaps and now I am a total convert. No more soap dodging for me!

Here are a few beauties I have found and tried out just for you!

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Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodger - Heyland and Whittle Home - Clementine & Prosecco

Heyland & Whittle

I love this luxury soap. It’s soft on the skin but still has that zing which must be the prosecco. Already moulded for smooth use without having to breakdown the edges. Very important!

£6.50 from Heyland & Whittle

Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodger - Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado & Olive Oil Soap copy

Crabtree & Evelyn

I absolutely love this soap – it’s creamy and moisturising and feels luxurious.  Crabtree & Evelyn are one of my favourite brands – I love their hand creams too.

£6.00 from Crabtree & Evelyn

Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodger - Faith in Natural Lavender Soap copy

Faith In Nature

This is a proper handmade rustic soap. No muss no fuss. Its free of parabens, and does the job. Lashings of lavender – absolutely lovely.

£1.95 from Faith In Nature

Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodger - Korres Chamomile Soap


This surprisingly made my skin a little dry and, if I am honest, a bit itchy! It does says it is an emollient and has soothing properties so it may have been just my experience. It smells quite medicinal and lathers well.

£5.50 from John Lewis

Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodget - Waitrose Olive and Jojoba Soap

Waitrose Essentials

These are fabulously fragrant, extremely moisturising and amazing value for money.

£1.15 for 4 from Waitrose

Melanie Sykes - Soap Dodger - Beefayre Bee Happy Organic Soap Orange & Jasmine


This is more suited to washing your  hands. It’s a small bar and quite solid. lightly fragrance 3% of profits goes to bee conservation.

£5 from Beefayre