Not Just For Pina Coladas: Why You Should Eat More Pineapple

The pina colada has a somewhat dated, uncool reputation. It has a slightly 80’s image, and lacks the chic of a negroni or a wasabi martini, but nevertheless it is completely delicious, and conjures up memories of summer sunshine, beachy hair and holidays by the sea.

But now it’s late September, and unless you are very lucky, pina coladas on the beach are off the menu just now, but perhaps we can fill the gap in our hearts with some healthy pineapple?

Health Benefits

Pineapples are astonishingly good for you, with a portion providing you with 50% of your vitamin C – so supporting your immunity, eyesight and much more – as well as high levels of the antioxidant manganese.  Manganese is also a vital element in bone development, and studies have suggested that it can contribute to fighting osteoporosis. Unexpectedly, manganese can also help if you suffer from heavy periods.

Pineapples also contains an enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down protein and helps your digestion. There are several recent and current studies investigating the ability of bromelain to contribute to the treatment of cancer, in particular with relation to breast cancer, as well as mouth and throat cancer. Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory, and in particular can work on inflammation of the joints and muscles, which can make it very useful in the management of arthritis.

Sex Benefits

Naturally the fact that pineapples can help you fight ageing, arthritis and cancer are pretty compelling reasons to pop one in the trolley next time you’re in the supermarket, but there are other more… recreational benefits as well.

What you eat has an impact on how you taste to your partner during oral sex, and pineapple has a pretty long-standing reputation in this department for both men and women. The effects aren’t instantaneous, but build up over a few days, so it’s more about making it a part of your regular diet than casually handing your partner a bowl of chopped pineapple a few hours before having sex. Some kind people even tried it out on 12 test subjects and charted the results for us here.

There is anecdotal evidence online that taking Bromelain supplements will achieve this end as well, without having to go full pineapple, so to speak, but why miss out on all that Vitamin C?

How To Eat It

Work some pineapple into your diet to take advantage of these benefits – we’ve picked out two of our favourite recipes from BBC Good Food for you to try, but you can also just buy an actual pineapple, chop it up and keep it handy for snacks (and maybe a sneaky pina colada).

We love the look of this Thai Prawn, Squash and Pineapple curry from BBC Good Food – cheat on the Green Curry Paste by ordering this version from Ocado – and these Crispy Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa.

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