Melanie’s Las Vegas Calendar Trip

Well its that time again when my Charity Calendar goes on sale and this year I shot it in Las Vegas at Red Rock.

It was my makeup artist Gary Cockerill’s idea to do a desert shoot. In fact, we’ve wanted to do this shoot every year and for whatever reasons we haven’t quite managed it.



It is my absolute favourite one to date. Its a bit more rock n roll and much more my style, which might be something to do with the fact I styled it myself, which was great fun.

I have to say a special thanks here to Ann Summers for their generosity in gifting some sensational outfits and to Freddie Ireland for the ridiculously hot faux leather pants!

Every year the shoot is done with a skeleton team of my favourite photographer, Alan Strutt, who is just amazing, Gary Cockerill the genius makeup artist and his husband Phil Turner who organises all the logistics of the shoot and does everything to make it happen and me

It was my first time in Vegas and with the jet lag on arrival I felt a bit overwhelmed by the noise and the heat and wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I felt like I was permanently stuck in an airport but when I got on Vegas time I soon understood why people loved it. We even got to go and see a Britany Spears show and as for gambling, well, its not really my scene, but Phil introduced me to three card poker which I took a shine to.


The best bit though was getting out into the Nevada desert and out to Red Rock which is breathtaking. The scenery is beautiful and the hikes around there are just fantastic.

Las Vegas has much more to offer than just partying and casinos and definitely worth a visit.

The charity as always is ipAn who provide therapy, support and education to children on the autistic spectrum and their families.

Thank you to Planet Hollywood hotel for putting us up it was a blast and thank you to you guys in advance for buying the calendar and supporting my chosen charity.


Buy your calendar here.