Melanie Sykes' Favourite Bikinis

Melanie’s Favourite Bikinis

I have an obsession with bikinis. I buy them all year round, in season and out of season. Some girls love handbags, some girls are into shoes, my thing is definitely bikinis.

I do ask a lot of my bikinis, they need to be functional, fashionable, durable and well cut. Bikini sizes are always a little bit all over the place, you never really know how they’ll fit. I find that you need to try on lots and when you get used to a certain brand, you know what size you require. Once I find a brand I like, I just keep going back for more.

The type of bikinis I wear on a family holiday are very different from the bikinis I wear to go away with friends. When I go away with friends, they tend to be more beautiful, sexy, cheeky little numbers, but when holidaying with family, I go for sportier bikinis so I can play with the kids in the water and I’m not be in fear of falling out. Think of the motion of water volleyball and you get the picture!

When buying sporty ones, I tend to go for brands that cater for surfer girls. They are made for water and if you look carefully, you can find a classic shape in a classic colour, like black or coral, that will never get old. I own a few old faithfuls from brands like these. Billabong are perfect for this style, but I do find I have to sift through a lot of stuff that I might not necessarily go for just to find the right one.

When it comes to choosing the right bikini, I think its best to wear darker colours at the beginning of the holiday, when you’re paler. Then, as your tan deepens, you can be braver with you colour choice and also wear paler shades. Obviously, this depends on your skin type, but I think a good rule of thumb for most people is that black bikinis are great for the first day because they don’t highlight how pale you are.

I also prefer to wear string tie bikinis because you can adjust them to fit your shape. There’s nothing worse than a bikini that digs in at the sides or a saggy loose bottom, I like to be able to tie mine for the very best fit! I tend to avoid silky materials too, I hate the way they change colour in the water.

Another rule I live by concerns frilly bikinis. Past the age of 25, I am not sure frills are for you. And when shopping for bikinis, I also think about tan lines and steer away from crop tops, big knickers to the waist and anything with one shoulder or peep holes and slashes at the sides. They may look cool, but not when it’s time to get naked. : ))

So here are my top bikinis this season – hope you like them!