Melanie Loves KOBOX

My friend Sue Seel introduced to me to Kobox, she knew how much boxing training I had enjoyed in the past and knew it would be right up my street. Kobox is a boxing gym in the centre of Chelsea in London and it is completely swanksville compared to the boxing gyms I’ve been to in the past, but it still managed to have an edge. We went on a Friday morning and it seems the men were out numbered and a mass of women were wrapping their hands chatting and giving out some good vibes and it made for a wicked environment to be in.

The founder is an Irish man, named Shane, his background is in elite sports performance training. A competitive athlete, strength & conditioning coach to Olympic medallists and firm favourite of the boutique group fitness world, from LA to New York & London.

He says:

“The story of how KOBOX came about is really simple. My background is in elite sports coaching training professional and elite amateur athletes. I came to boxing as a complete non-boxer, working as a strength and conditioning coach to boxers leading up to the Olympics in 2012. The sport, and the athletes, blew me away. They were so fit and so easily able to adapt to any kind of training we threw at them, I got hooked. Boxing training took my fitness to an entirely different level.

I had always been put off boxing as a sport, for the obvious reason, not many people enjoy being punched in the face. I thought to myself that there must be a lot more people out there who want to try boxing but are afraid to try, and even more people who have no idea how effective and how much fun the training is, but would love it if only there were a place where they could give it a go. That’s the reason KOBOX exists, to create an environment where everybody can come and try boxing as a way of training without having to fight. We give people a really authentic boxing training experience, without any of the intimidation or fear factor associated with a regular boxing gym. Everything we do at KOBOX is about trying to make the sport accessible to as many people as possible, especially beginners. Above everything else, we just want to make boxing fun!”

And it really was!

The Class begins with a warm up specific to the workout to come. You will jump rope, shadowbox and activate all of the major muscle groups that you will work that day.”


20-25 mins

Boxing combinations can be tricky, thats why we have devised a ‘Punch By Numbers’ approach to training on the heavy bag. Your trainer will guide you through the combinations but if you get lost you will find the combinations projected on the wall too. It couldn’t be simpler!


20-25 mins


Kobox say  “Prepare yourself for a fun, fat burning workout where you will punch, jump, lift and run yourself to a new body and a new level of self confidence. At KOBOX we don’t just change bodies, we change minds. Inspirational instructors, a bespoke studio setting and a nightclub standard sound system create an environment where first time boxers and seasoned athletes alike can let loose, clear their minds and empower themselves with an attitude that is born in the studio and lives far beyond its walls.”

Our instructor was Ian Streetz a former stuntman and competitive boxer his energy alone gets you pumped up. Its like being in a nightclub, lights low, loud music and a do or die vibe. Its probably the best cardio I have had in a while and I relished it. When you are done you are dripping in sweat you feel so alive and you are totally buzzing. I highly recommend it. Go to their website for prices on bundles of sessions.

And yes I know not everyone lives in London, it is a new concept and I know they will expand but until then if you have never tried boxing I highly recommend it. Find your nearest boxing gym, don’t be scared, go and ask some questions get a feel for it. Get the basics down and I have always said that boxing training has always been the hardest and best training I have ever got into for fat burning, toning, cardio and not forgetting a great releaser of  tension. It totally clears your head and makes you feel amazing.

So wrap up, gloves on and go smash it!!