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Meet Kate Tilston – Practical Life Coach

Kate is a Life Coach who uses very practical methods to help her clients get results. People go to see her because they want to change something in their lives but might not know how to just yet.

She works with her clients focusing on where they are now, where they want to be and how they are going to get there, creating realistic and achievable action plans.

Everyone has areas in their life that just seem to spiral out of control sometimes. Some of the areas she currently helps clients with are

• Focusing & Prioritisation
• Creating their own solutions & action plans
• Setting realistic expectations for their plans
• Time & Task Management

Melanie – Can you explain the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

Kate – In my experience therapists and counsellors, tend to deal with what happened in the past to affect your current life, they look at the areas you might be stuck on, what you need to resolve to be able to move forward. As a Life Coach, we are looking at where you are now, where you want to get to and how to make that happen. We are constantly looking forward and helping you focus on the end goal(s). I think it’s a bit like being a personal trainer for your soul – someone that will accompany you on your journey, motivating you, encouraging you and supporting you to enable you to move forward.

When did you realise you wanted to be a life coach, it must be a vocation?

When I was made redundant in 2002 I had Life Coaching to help me move onto the next stage of my life and whilst coaching the Coach I was working with asked if I had ever considered becoming a coach. It was then I really thought about all my life experiences, the fact that I had always been someone that people had come to for help and looked into courses and qualifying.

It must be a rewarding job. When you experience great success with clients how does it make you feel?

It’s a wonderful job and the job satisfaction is immense. The best feeling is when you have finished your sessions with a client, have seen them blossom and they are so excited to get out into the world armed with their new “tool kit” and tackle life again. I think my favourite testimonial was a client describing me as such “Kate when I walk through your door I feel like a tangled ball of wool, when I leave your sessions, I feel untangled and ready to go again” – how lovely is that that? It’s the clients that do the hard work, I’m there as their support, their back-room team.

We all have the answers within us but sometimes we need them to be unlocked. Do people have similar patterns or are the cases unique?

Obviously, each client is unique but there are lots of situations that crop up regularly – often my job is to help people see the wood for the trees, to be the voice of reason, or the person that questions their reasoning. When they really start to think about what they want and not what they “think” they want or what they think others think they want, they unlock all sorts of potential in their lives – it really is very exciting.


How quickly can people start making change?

Depending on the goals they arrive with depends on how quickly they can make that change. Sometimes it’s something very simple that just needs tweaking or a different perspective, other times it’s a larger plan that needs greater thought and actions.

How do you avoid (or not ) troubleshooting in everyday life because people always talk of problems they are having wether its friends or family?

I’ve learnt to be quite firm with people particularly in social situations and make a joke about me being “off duty” which I discovered I needed to do otherwise complete strangers who had just learned of my job would want to off load! I always have time for friends but again, just make sure that the boundaries aren’t blurred and I can support them as a friend rather than as a Life Coach. It’s worked so far.

I absolutely love your concept of the walk and talk sessions. Brilliant idea! Tell us about them and how the idea came to you?
Living in glorious West Sussex I am lucky enough to live right by the sea and whenever I’ve needed to sort out one of my own problems, I’ve always walked it out. Even as a child, if I was struggling with something my Dad would take me for a “stomp” we’d walk and talk. When I started coaching I realised that for some people discussing personal issues was quite daunting and they found it much easier to walk along the beach with me, chatting, talking through the things they wanted to achieve. They didn’t have to sit across a desk from me, it was less intense and they were also enjoying beautiful surroundings and getting some exercise. I’ve found it’s been particularly lovely for people who perhaps are getting back on track after a life altering occurrence – divorce, serious illness etc. they have really benefited from talking, walking, breathing in the sea air. Each client then goes home with a list of actions to complete before the next session – it’s great!

When can I have a session? : )

I’d LOVE to work with you, perhaps you could sample a Walk Talk so you’d know more about what I do AND if you’re lucky I’ll treat you to tea and cake at the fabulous café on the beach.


For more information or to book a Walk and Talk session, contact Kate Tilston Life Coaching at: