Love Your Glutes – They Do More Than You Think!

Your glutes are easily forgotten when you work out at home.  Abs seem obvious, so do arms, but your bum and the backs of your thighs? Out of sight – out of mind, at least during your workout.  Except they’re not out of sight for everyone else! Working out your glutes has the obvious impact of lifting and firming your bottom, but did you know that it can also help you prevent back pain?

Strong glutes support your hip extension, i.e. anything that opens up your hips. However, if your glutes are weak, your hip extension is weak and your lower back muscles will take up the slack to compensate.  These muscles are not built to take over from your glutes in the long term, and the result? Back pain.

If you like running or cycling, strong glutes will support your speed and stamina – work out these muscles on your off days and see what impact it has.

In this workout, Melanie will take you through some simple “donkey kick” exercises to help you build these multi-tasking muscles.