And Stretch

Hands up those who stretch before a workout …Yep, thought so, really very few of us.

Hands up those who stretch after a work out …..okay, so that’s more people, but is it just an afterthought as we leave the gym? Well it is for me.

I for one am always time poor so I like to use my hour in the gym for pure training, but your body does need to stretch before and afterwards and although I do a few quick stretches they’re not really that useful and I’m not using them to their full potential.

Fit for Fitness

If we’re going to spend time working hard at the gym to get fit and healthy, then we may as well look good doing it! Having the perfect gym kit can be the much needed nudge in the right direction to get us out to the gym to show our kit off.

Gone are the days where working up a sweat in a tatty pair of tracksuit bottoms and a vest would do, now it’s all about carefully curated sportswear lines, with high street brands and celebrities, like Beyonce and Kate Hudson jumping on the bandwagon with their own super trendy sportswear lines.

So if you’re thinking of getting fit in time for your summer holidays, then there really is no better time to be hitting the shops for your sportswear fix. There are options to suit all budgets (Primark do a very good range, by all accounts) and a huge range to choose from; whether you’re hitting the treadmill, flexing your stuff in yoga or working up a sweat with some HIIT exercises, there an outfit for every occasion.

Here are our top picks, guaranteed to keep you looking stylish whilst you work up a sweat!

Our Favourite Summer Maxi Dresses

There is no better time to indulge your bohemian side, than when the sun shines. Maxi dresses are one of those trends that never seem to go away, they are a go to summer look for so many of us and are incredibly easy to wear. You don’t even need to shave your legs! Whether you are looking for an occasion dress, something for a summer picnic or even just a dress to saunter down the beach in on a balmy holiday evening, there’s a maxi dress to suit every occasion

The Weekend Edit: Top Fashion Picks

When it comes to the weekends we all want to make the most of every single minute of freedom and doing the things we enjoy, which is why we have taken the stress out of deciding what to wear for you. Whether you’re shopping with the girls or having lunch with family, this simple and super chic ensemble will keep you looking stylish this weekend.

5 of the Best Summer Trends

Summer is here and it’s time to think about investing in new wardrobe essentials to take you from sweltering days in the office, to scorching weekends in the sun. If you’re looking to embrace the best new trends of the season, then look no further, here we have a round up of all the best

Beach Cover-Up

I do have rules about my beach cover-ups. I never wear maxi dresses to the beach or poolside. I know they look beautiful, but for me they’re not very practical.

I always get too hot in them and they stick to my legs so I always go for shorter and looser beach cover-ups. I always match my bikini to the cover-ups, so I choose bikinis first and then match the dresses to bikinis.

Eyebrows Unplucked

I have the atypical brow story. As fashion dictated, I plucked mine to death in the early 90s and they’ve never been the same since. So now fuller eyebrows have made a comeback, it’s a shame that mine haven’t followed suit. They just refuse to grow back as they were. To be clear, brows are big business. My first-ever test shots as a model were au natural in every way. Zero makeup and absolutely no preening of the eyebrows, which seems very similar to the Cara Delavingne type eyebrow of today (ps I want to cry when I see this pic) my eyebrows were lovely.

Beauty Regime Essentials

We all know how important a good skincare routine is, but with so many different products and brands to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re in search of that elusive clear, bright complexion, with a healthy glow (let’s face it, who isn’t?), then you might like to try

5 Fave Face Masks

Facemarks are the ultimate indulgence in skin care and I like to use one at least once a week. I have been trying out a few different ones lately and I thought I would share my five favourites with you.

ELEMIS -Papaya enzyme peel £32

Packed with natural fruit enzymes, exfoliating papaya and calming pineapple this mask smooths and clarifies your complexion. its a fruit salad for your face!

3 Summer Lip Colours to Try This Month

Red is a lip classic that hangs around from season to season, from blue toned hues to deeper darker tones, there’s a shade for everyone. To take your red lipstick to the next level for summer, add a layer of gloss and keep the rest of your make-up neutral with nude eyeshadows and a sweep of eyeliner.It’s finally summer which means it’s time for you to think about mixing up your beauty basics and that includes your lip colour. Here we have some trend led lip ideas for you to try out as the temperature soars this summer!