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Melanie Interviews: Jess Schuring of Heartcore Fitness

I have been going to Heartcore for about a year now to do reformer pilates and barre classes just a few of of the classes that are on offer there. I caught up with Jess Schuring who is the founder of these fabulous studios to ask her about her inspiration and experience as an entrepreneur.

Melanie: When did you realise fitness was your thing an was something you wanted to promote for others?

Jess: Spending large chunks of my childhood in my father’s restaurant and hotel made me fall in love with the feeling you get from making people feel special and happy.

That feel good factor was something I missed in my career as a graphic designer and my decision to turn my passion for fitness and well being into my profession was largely driven by that back in LA.  And I am so grateful and happy to be doing what I am doing…

Melanie: Was was your first venture in the fitness world?

Jess: I always was naturally active and sporty growing up and spent my free time outdoors, whether that was on a bike, the back of a horse or running.  Until I moved to LA in early 2000, I had never seen the inside of a gym and was rather underwhelmed by the lack of warmth, friendliness and happiness

Melanie: When did you first come across reformer pilates?

Jess: I had heard of this place in LA that was offering reformer based pilates and decided to go and check it out one day.  I was immediately hooked by what you could do with fusing reformer training with a conditioning approach.

Melanie: When did Heartcore come about? Where was your first?

Jess: The idea of Heartcore was born in LA and put into reality in London back in 2007 with our first studio in Kensington.  I had this vision of creating a ‘home’ marrying my three passions – excellent training that inspires and gets results, beautifully designed spaces that feel inviting and warm and a team that loves to create exceptional customer experiences. We’re constantly working on improving the Heartcore experience and all touch points that make you, the client feel amazing and special.

Melanie Sykes - Jess Schuring of Heartcore Fitness

Melanie: The studios are beautiful, who came up with the look and design of the space?

Jess: All our studios are my design … inspired by my travels and the desire to create unique, welcoming and beautiful surroundings that people appreciate for their relaxed and unique vibes.

Melanie: I go to the hampstead above the tube station with all its original features. It has  beautiful arched windows, you must have been over the moon to secure this space?

Jess: I remember clearly when we took on the premises.  It looked nothing like it does today.  We only uncovered all its unique and stunning features during the strip out phase like the original floors, additional windows, the exposed beams… It was one WOW after the other : ) I didn’t want to cover it all up again but instead celebrate the space by highlighting its originality and bring back its character.

Melanie: The very first time I came to your studio I noticed that you had hair brushes,  hair bands and deodorant available. Its those little touches I found so fantastic. You really think about the customer don’t you?

Jess: I take myself as the typical customer and ask questions like what I would want and expect from a place like Heartcore at every potential touch point throughout my Heartcore journey…

Melanie: You also do TRX and Barre classes, Do you always have to be on the pulse of what is happening in the fitness arena?

Jess: Whatever business you’re in, you always want to be on top of what’s hot, what customers want and what’s trending.  My frequent trips to LA and NYC help me to stay on top of things and inspire me immensely.

Melanie:  How many times a week do you train, and what is your motivation and aim with the exercise that you do?

Jess: I love our classes at Heartcore and do about 6-7 classes a week when I am in town… and we offer something for every possible mood “sweat it out” to “peace out”.

Melanie: The beautiful ambiance of the studios is matched by the energy of your instructors. What do you look for when employing them?

Jess: We’re all about the people at Heartcore.  To make the team, we need to see and feel that you genuinely love people, are passionate and knowledgable about wellbeing & health and enjoy going out of your way to create special little moments that make all the difference.

Melanie: Are you planning opening Heartcores nationwide?

Jess:  We’re working on lots of opportunities and exciting plans for Heartcore.  Stay tuned…

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