Melanie Sykes - James Toseland Interview

Melanie Interviews: James Toseland

I met James Toseland about three years ago, when we co hosted Moto GP. When I chose to leave the job, we remained friends. He is a former Motogp rider and world superbike champion, and now fronts the brilliant rock band Toseland. He is a top Yorkshire man and a good friend.


We did a quick Q&A session last week to see what he has been up to, and here’s what he had to say.

What is the album you are listening to at the moment? Why do you like it?

Black Stone Cherry ‘Kentucky’. We supported them on their European tour earlier this year, we had such a good time on the road with them and the band were kind enough to give me a copy before it had been released.

What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it ?

Jungle Book! I thought it was amazing, one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

What are you reading or have just read?

At the moment I’m reading the script I have to learn for a charity I’m supporting called ‘Together For Short Lives’. I need to be on my toes as it’s the first event I’ve ever compared and I have the pressure of working with such an established star at the side of me!! ????

What’s the most artistic photo on your phone?

James Toseland's Arty Japan ShotWhen did you last apologise to someone?

Today, playing football with my nephews and I hit one of them in the head with my lack of talent as a footballer!!

What TV/ Box set floats your boat?

David Attenborough’s, ‘The Blue Planet’ box set. Nothing comes close to being as good as our Dave!!

Best thing about being known?

The public’s respect is the most rewarding thing about being known for what you do as a career.

Worst thing thing about being known?

Everybody asking you for a free ticket!!

Be honest, when was the last time you felt jealous?

My mum and my step dad! They agree on everything, which means they both always tell me I’m wrong, together! It’s like a stereo telling off! So annoying! Ha.

What food can you not live without?

Porridge! Amazing invention!!!

Who is your dream women/man?

Cher!! If you watch the ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ video you’ll understand! Just a shame she’s always been old enough to be my granny!!

What three men/women inspire you and why?

My grandpa would be the first, for his determination and competitiveness. Then my Granny, for teaching me to play the piano and last, but not least, my mum for always getting back on her feet and bringing up two boys on her own.

What is your Greatest achievement?

Working 100% to achieve what I want in life.

If you could do any other Job what would it be?

Maybe a psychologist and working with children who have difficult lives. Psychology fascinates me.

Whats your favourite thing about yourself physically, emotionally & mentally?

I used to be a sportsman, so that requires being physically fit and I’ve always enjoyed being healthy. I feel I have a good understanding of myself emotionally, so I can always get myself back on track pretty quickly if I go off piste from time to time. Mentally I’m determined, driven, stubborn, competitive and focused, i.e. really difficult to live with! Ha!