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Heavenly Pampering in London’s Dorchester Hotel

Father’s day turned into Mother’s Day this year. The kids spent the entire day with their dad, which meant I was able to go and get some pampering. So off I went to the Dorchester spa to enjoy the Carol Joy Pure Collagen Youthful Lift treatment, which is one of the five Carol Joy treatments they offer. I have been using Carol Joy beauty products for a while now and because they’re packed with collagen boosting peptides they’re perfect for my 45-year-old skin.

When you walk into to the main reception, it feels like the beauty school drop out scene from Grease. It’s like you’ve landed on a cloud in beauty heaven. It has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, an all white marble staircase, glass chandeliers and art deco mirrors. It feels sumptuous and indulgent and I was going to enjoy every second of it. First, I was led to the changing room and given a locker to put all my things in, then I changed into the beautiful bathrobe and flip-flops, and got ready to go into the relaxation room.

I loved this room, it has velvet daybeds and winged armchairs, with nibbles and drinks to enjoy. It’s boudoir like and very sexy. I laid back and relaxed, and I was able to read a couple of chapters of my book whilst I waited for my therapist. It is certainly worth getting there earlier than your treatment just so you can enjoy this room.

My therapist, Jessica, arrived and took me to the treatment room. It was dimly lit, warm and inviting, I climbed under the blanket to get settled. The treatment was wonderful, the products felt heavenly and smelt just as good. It was 90 mins of layer after layer of masks, scrubs, algae pads, steam and massage. I was positively glowing afterwards and although it has raised a few bumps on my skin, as facials often do, I still felt my skin was revitalised, glowing and clear. Though it did lift a layer of my tan off, so I was considerably paler after, but that’s a good sign. The facial resurfaced my skin and removed dead skin cells.

I highly recommend this is as little stop off in the crazy that is London. Whether you’re here visiting a mate, sightseeing or shopping it’s so worth a visit. Go on, treat yourself!

Dorchester Spa, London

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