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Heating Things Up In Marrakech

What a brilliant time I had at the No1 bootcamp in Marrakech. Just what I needed to start 2017 off with a positive powerful start.

The camp runs weekly sessions 51 weeks of the year In Norfolk ,Ibiza and marrakech from Saturday to Saturdayand No 1 Boot Camps aim is to transform their guests on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

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A Bootcamp In A Unique City

“A lot of people come camp to get in better physical shape and lose some weight, but they get a lot more. A broadening of their horizons of what they can achieve both physically and mentally and also a better grasp of nutrition, fitness and control of their appetites so that they can lead a better life when they leave camp.” says Deena (the founder of No1 bootcamp)

Physical instruction is supervised by former military fitness trainers and the exercise schedule is compiled by Head Coach Gee Leary, who is a former special forces serviceman who served in the Royal Marines for 10 years.

No 1 Boot Camp caters to all abilities and fitness levels and has devised regression training so that everyone trains together as a group. The combined morale of the group is a key motivator in getting the best results for everyone and the instructors are there to help and encourage. This is not an easy camp, there’s a lot of hard work involved, but it’s  not about having a Sergeant-Major shouting at you to do more press-ups either.

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An Endorphin Boost Like No Other

There are around 4-5 hours of physical exercise every day on camp which is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, HIIT, LISS, mediation and yoga. There are spinning sessions, boxing, weight circuits, hikes, runs, obstacle courses and team games.

There are two yoga sessions, one at the villa and the other in the Agafay desert. The rooms are beautiful and accommodation is full board with three tasty and nutritious meals prepared by the on-site chef.

There are three hot meals a day plus two snacks. The meals are wholesome and nutritious and provide around 1,300 calories a day for women and around 1,600 for men. It is a good healthy diet that provides all of the vitamins and minerals needed and is tasty as well.

The Marrakech bootcamps are over for this season but they are beginning again in March in Ibiza and they have their camp in Norfolk which runs all year.

I was unable to do the full week due to child cover but I definitely got the measure of it and what it can do for you. As you know I am not over weight, so this wasn’t about inch loss for me and having said that the clients vary in ability and what there goals are. Some want to a reboot a fitness regime they once had, some to activate a new lifestyle from ground zero, some to challenge there existing fitness level and of course those who want to lose weight. There was a good mix of needs and people, yet all with the same goal, to do our best in the training sessions, support each other and achieve our personal goals.

There is a great variety of exercises and drills and your body is always being challenged to the max and left guessing as to what is coming next.

The trainers are brilliant. Head coach Gee Leary is a brilliant motivator, extremely knowledgable and a living embodiment of what a healthy lifestyle can do for you.

It is a life changer, a mood changer, a life affirmer an absolute challenge and total inspiration.

I have never experienced endorphins like it. Forget getting a plane home I could have flown back cos I got me some wings!

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