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Healthy Snacks To Buy And Make

A healthy diet does not have to exclude snacking, so long as you think about what you eat and make sure that you always have healthy snacks at home or out and about, so that you don’t succumb to an emergency ham and cheese croissant!

Whatever your snack, it should be low is salt and sugar, and have some protein to fill you up, or contribute to your five a day.

Here are our favourites, including some great startups that you should check out.

Buy These

Primal Pantry Bars

These delicious bars are healthy, filling and – did I mention? – scrumptious. There’s a wide range of them, and our favourites are probably the mixed berries and cocoa orange protein bars. They’re paleo, vegan, dairy free AND gluten free.

Emily Fruit Crisps

More deliciousness here – these are cunningly freeze dried fruit, beans and vegetables posing as beautifully packaged crisps. Our favourites are the Crunchy French Beans, Sugar Snaps and Black Edamame crisps. Frankly the bags just aren’t big enough – I could eat these all day. The apple ones are great too.

Onist Avocado Choc Pot

Blending avocados, dates, cashew nuts and cocoa powder (as you can see from the picture of their ingredients above), Onist pots are rich and filling, but also low in fat and rich in fibre as well as a host of other good things from magnesium to potassium. Grab them in Daylesford Organic, Fortnums and Modern Baker in Oxford.

Coconut Collaborative Coconut Yoghurt

These lovely people make a fantastic dairy free yoghurt based on coconut milk and it’s addictive. It’s a very different kind of taste (of course) but who doesn’t love coconut?

Make These

We talked about energy balls a few week ago – they’re painfully simple to make at home once you have a reasonably tough blender.

Energy Bites Core Recipe

400g dates

200g almonds

2 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp coconut oil


You can play around with the proportions a bit until you get the texture you like.

Whizz it up in a blender (you need a fairly tough one for those almonds), then form it tightly into little balls or squares. Store in the fridge or freeze.

While you’re whizzing, you can add any other ingredients you want to make this recipe your own – some beetroot powder, raw cacao powder and nibs, coconut, any herbal ingredients you fancy, or a couple of teaspoons of Helen’s breakfast seed toppings for a handy combo of linseed with goji berries or chia seed. You can divide your master recipe into batches before stirring in your supplemental ingredients so that you have a variety in one batch.

Melanie Sykes Blueberries

Eat These On Their Own

Nuts are hugely healthy and rich in protein, among other things, so they are great for keeping you going. They keep for ages, and you can shop around to buy big bags of them to save money, because nuts can be expensive.

Ocado stocks huge 800g bags of East End Almonds for £8.55 – these will keep you going for a few weeks, even with a batch of energy balls!

Melanie’s favourites are cashew nuts, and these are a little more expensive than Almonds – remember, you are looking for RAW and UNSALTED nuts here. You don’t get any points for roasted and salted nuts! Vietnam, one of the world’s major producers of cashews, had a severe drought last year, meaning that cashew prices are quite high this spring, and will remain so until after the next harvest.

Blueberries are fabulously healthy and relatively inexpensive – you often see them in 3-for-2 deals in the supermarket. They are high in fibre and one of the most nutritious berries, being high in vitamin C, K and antioxidant manganese (deja vu? We talked about manganese in pineapples recently too). They also last longer in the fridge than raspberries and strawberries.