Children's Healthy Summer Party Food Ideas - Smoothie & Featured Image

Healthy Children’s Food Ideas for Summer Parties

We’re all pretty clued up on the foods we should be eating more of and which to limit, but there are times when making healthy choices can be harder than others. Take children’s parties for example, in years gone by children’s parties were fuelled by sugary treats & salty snacks, like sweets and sausage rolls. Although these types of foods are still common place, we parents are increasingly looking for ways to improve our children’s diets and there are lots of fun ways we can sneak plenty of fruit and veg into their diets.

So, if you’re planning a summer party and looking for some fun, yet super healthy treats for children, then look no further. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Fruit Rockets

The way you present children’s food and what you call it can make all the difference when it comes to fussy eaters. There are lots of ways to make healthy snacks fun, including these pretty fruit rockets! Children go crazy for food on sticks!


Homemade Lollies

Help your little ones to cool down with these healthy frozen snacks. You could try making these with smoothies, yoghurts or fruit juices and add some fruit pieces for texture. The perfect way to put that dusty blender to good use!

If you’re not sure what to make your homemade lollies in, you can buy ice lolly moulds in most large supermarkets or recycle left over yoghurt pots instead, you could even make smoothie cubes in an ice cube tray.



Smoothies are a much healthier alternative to sugary pop and are super simple to make. You could make green smoothies to sneak in some veg or stick to fruits like berries and bananas. Or, if your children love chocolate milkshakes, why not make a batch flavoured with raw cacao powder.

If you are using straws, remember to buy the wider variety to avoid clogging.


Healthy Cupcakes

A party isn’t a party without cake! If you are catering for children with allergies or would just like to offer a healthier alternative to traditional cakes, then you could try out a gluten & dairy free cupcake recipe.


There are lots of resources online, like Deliciously Ella,  where you can find lots of tasty recipes to make cakes and sweet treats using healthy ingredients such as dates, avocado and black beans. Lots of children love her raw brownies and they couldn’t be simpler to make!