Melanie Sykes - Working at the Barre Studio


I am inspired by many exterior influences to stay in shape, but mainly and more importantly, I’m motivated by the way exercise makes me feel. Of course the physical results are a huge motivation too! I have been training for a good 8 years now and it’s not an ‘obsession’, it has just become a really good habit.

Yes, there are days when I don’t fancy going to the gym, which to be honest aren’t often, but I always go anyway and on these occasions the psychological rewards are even better, because you really had to work for it and the endorphins and sense of pride are fantastic.

My practical tips for staying inspired and keeping motivated are:

  1. I read a lot of fitness magazines, including Women’s Health and Fit & Well, to name but a few. They have a tonne of exercise ideas and interesting articles on nutrients and show you how a healthy lifestyle can be fun.
  2. The great gym gear I get to wear whilst working out is a huge motivator and lets not forget that you get to look out other people’s fit physics at the gym, which is always inspiring.
  3. I think it’s great to have someone to look up to and for me, Madonna is my ‘fitspiration’. Her dedication to her fitness is really impressive, but again its her ‘habit’ and way of life. I have just followed her world tour on Instagram and her stamina is off the chart for someone in there 50’s. She really motivates me to never drop the ball on my fitness.
  4. My focus is not always on the aesthetic of being in shape. When I turned 45yrs last year I took a big interest in cleaning up my diet and food habits. I just felt like I’m half way through my life, I really want to make the second half better and I also want to be super healthy for my children. This really helps stay focused.