me and marv cardio

Fit in 5

It was really exciting to get a call from Sky TV asking if I’d like to be involved in a new fitness push for 2017. It’s a concept called ‘Fit in 5’ created by Sky’s gym PT Marvin Ambrosius. He has created lots of 5 min workouts that are simple but challenging  using body weight only (equipment needed) for intense workouts focusing on specific areas, full body and cardio.

There are levels you can use which are labelled green, amber,red and blue zones and you can tailor your workout from them. You’ll know you are getting stronger when its starts getting easier! Then you can simply move on to the next level. You can mix it up too, you don’t have to just do 5 mins use a few different plans and get a full on workout going – it really is up to you.

Marvin has not always been as fit as he is now only a few years ago he was overweight and out of shape and his move into fitness has transformed his physique proving that commitment to ones health and taking regular exercise works. He is totally inspirational  and a great motivator.

Marvin says “Fit in 5” is for everyone, whatever your level of fitness. Following my exercise packages you will become a better version of you. Working with Mel was amazing, she was dynamic and alway up for a challenge!”

Awwwww thanks Marv! Well it has to be said working out with him was so much fun. You will see on the videos… I have never seen anyone as bouncy as him – it was hilarious!

To do the workouts it’s very simple, just go to Sky on demand the whole package is there, Sky Go or Now TV.


You can follow Marv on Twitter or Instagram at @fitfreakstv