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Eyebrows Unplucked

I have the atypical brow story. As fashion dictated, I plucked mine to death in the early 90’s and they’ve never been the same since. So now fuller eyebrows have made a comeback, it’s a shame that mine haven’t followed suit. They just refuse to grow back as they were.

To be clear, brows are big business. My first-ever test shots as a model, such as the image above, were au natural in every way. Zero makeup and absolutely no preening of the eyebrows, which seems very similar to Cara Delevingne type eyebrow of today (ps I want to cry when I see this pic), and my eyebrows were lovely. Very early into the 90s, they were plucked into quite a thin line and then drawn back in again, oh how silly! I was quite happy with my Estee Lauder pencil for a good few decades until recently, now the brow has become more defined.


Melanie Sykes 90s Brow

Melanie’s heavily plucked and pencilled in 90’s eyebrows.


We all know that the brow frames the face, but I don’t think people realise how much one wrong pluck of the eyebrow, one single hair, can cause havoc with your features.

Now, I have them waxed and sometimes threaded, although I much prefer waxing as it’s over quickly and for some reason threading makes my nose itch. In the past year, I have also been introduced to eyebrow tinting and they do look significantly better. One thing I have noticed with tinting, is that you do have to be careful about colour choice. The colour of my hair is constantly changing, especially in the sun, so I have to make sure that I don’t make the mistake of keeping the same eyebrow colour.


Melanie Sykes 2016 Brow & Featured Image



If you pluck your eyebrows at home, there are some simple rules that my make-up artist, Gary Cockerill, swears by.

First, don’t pluck one brow and then try to match it; work on alternate eyes, plucking a couple of hairs from one eye and then another, so you can match the shapes gradually. Never over pluck the beginning of your eyebrows, as it will make your nose look broader and your eyes too far apart.

People say an eyebrow shape is the new blow dry and I can honestly say, when I have had them done and had them done well, it does seriously change the look of my face and makes a massive improvement. But sadly, we can never get that fullness back!

Lena Dunham was the classic serious plucker in her teens and they never grew back. Recently, on Instagram she explained her eyebrow history and talked about what a ‘miracle’ Revitabrow treatment is. You apply it 3 times a day for eight weeks and apparently it changes the thickness of your eyebrows almost back to their glory days, so naturally I’ve ordered some! If in 8 weeks you see me looking like Noel Gallagher you’ll know why…

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