Mel Boobs shot by Sam Hemsley
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For Anyone Thinking Of Having A Boob Job…

20 Jul 2016 - In 2012, I had reached a point where I’d been working out for a few years and my body was looking pretty toned. I had been learning about diet and fitness, and the combination of eating well and working hard in the gym, meant that I was looking and feeling really lean. My boobs, however,

Melanie Sykes - Booze Free Living
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Melanie on Living a Booze Free Life

06 Jul 2016 - My sober app tells me that I have not touched a drop of alcohol for three months. These daily reminders of my abstinence are a really encouraging boost to continue to be alcohol free. I pretty much stopped drinking around my 45th birthday last year after reading Emila Freers ‘Eat. Nourish.glow’ book. I was hitting a milestone age and really wanted to clean up my diet and start focusing on my health more. I was already training and sort of healthy, but I wanted to go to the next level.