My Indian Journey

30 May 2018 - After a flying visit to Bhopal last year with the charity Sight Savers I fell in love with India. It was Monsoon season and a cloud filled sky threw out buckets of rain but It did nothing to dampen my spirits over my three day stay. I loved its energy and its people. On my return home I did something I don’t normally do and booked a holiday for the following year to return and visit Rajasthan.

Melanie Sykes Food Diary Salmon

Melanie’s Week In Food

01 Mar 2017 - Melanie has a busy week. Between radio, television and modelling jobs, meetings with brands or her agent, working out alone and with her favourite personal trainers - and looking after her two sons, Roman (14) and Valentino (12) - she is on the go from early morning and often late into the night if there is an event, or just something as simple as seeing friends.

Melanie Sykes Playing Tennis

To Be Clear – My Journey To and Through Lasik Eye Surgery

27 Feb 2017 - I have been wearing glasses since I was about 14 years old. I tended to sit at the back of the class for most of my lessons at school (I know! Don’t judge me!) and was struggling to see the blackboard. A quick trip to the opticians and I was diagnosed with short sighted vision and prescribed my first pair of NHS glasses. I actually liked myself in glasses but changed to lenses when I was 17 mostly because I started modelling.


Melanie’s Las Vegas Calendar Trip

26 Oct 2016 - Well its that time again when my Charity Calendar goes on sale and this year I shot it in Las Vegas at Red Rock. It was my makeup artist Gary Cockerill’s idea to do a desert shoot. In fact, we’ve wanted to do this shoot every year and for whatever reasons we haven’t quite managed


The British Heart foundation’s Bag It Beat It Campaign – Get Involved!

19 Sep 2016 - When I was approached by the BHF to help in highlighting their new ‘Bag It Beat It’ charity campaign, I was absolutely staggered by the statistics around women and heart disease, the most frightening one being that heart disease kills more than twice as many women in the UK as breast cancer.

Melanie Sykes - A Week In The Wild - Me, Stanley Johnson, Henning Wehn and the director Damian O'Mahony

A Week In The Wild

30 Aug 2016 - It was way back in January that I was approached by BBC2 and asked if I would like to take part in a television show called A Week in the Wild which meant trekking through the Copper Canyon in Northern Mexico, a canyon system larger and in some places deeper than the Grand Canyon. You may know I spent three weeks in the Australian Jungle for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here but as much as that was real and difficult, you are not that remote and obviously you are being observed at all times and therefore very safe.

Melanie Sykes - Back To School Blues

Back To School Blues

29 Aug 2016 - Well, it's time for the back to school blues and might I just add that this time it's me, not the children. I wonder if I am alone in this? At the end of term I’m sure we all wonder how we are going to entertain them and how we are going to get all the stuff done that we always do when they are safely in school. I’m not just talking about work, the emails,and the phone calls but the fun stuff too -training, seeing friends, playing etc.

Melanie Sykes Boundaries shot by Sam Hemsley

Encouraging You to Make Your Personal Boundaries Clear…

25 Jul 2016 - Just recently, I have had to explicitly tell people to back off and when I say people, I mean men. Men who do not understand boundaries need to be reminded. It hasn’t been heavy, I have just found myself in situations where I didn’t feel comfortable and I don’t like feeling uncomfortable. Life is too

Melanie Sykes - Carat London Event.jpg

CARAT* London Autism Charity Event

21 Jul 2016 - I was really happy when Mo Mohsenin, the director of Pink Umbrella Marketing, asked me if I was interested in hosting a charity event in conjunction with CARAT* London. They had generously offered the use their beautiful Covent Garden shop for the event and 30% of sales on the night would to go to my chosen charity.

Mel Boobs shot by Sam Hemsley
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For Anyone Thinking Of Having A Boob Job…

20 Jul 2016 - In 2012, I had reached a point where I’d been working out for a few years and my body was looking pretty toned. I had been learning about diet and fitness, and the combination of eating well and working hard in the gym, meant that I was looking and feeling really lean. My boobs, however,

Shakespeare Richard III

Melanie on Finally Appreciating Shakespeare

19 Jul 2016 - I am no Shakespeare fan and this is obviously not a reflection of his work, but my perception of it. It has always felt too cryptic for me and my teacher at school failed to ignite my interest in it. The most Shakespeare I’ve read, was when I studied ‘The merchant of Venice’ for O Levels

Melanie Sykes - Booze Free Living
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Melanie on Living a Booze Free Life

06 Jul 2016 - My sober app tells me that I have not touched a drop of alcohol for three months. These daily reminders of my abstinence are a really encouraging boost to continue to be alcohol free. I pretty much stopped drinking around my 45th birthday last year after reading Emila Freers ‘Eat. Nourish.glow’ book. I was hitting a milestone age and really wanted to clean up my diet and start focusing on my health more. I was already training and sort of healthy, but I wanted to go to the next level.

Melanie Sykes - Happy Napping

Happy Napping

30 Jun 2016 - This habit of mine for waking at 5:30 AM is getting a bit silly now. I'm an early bird, always have been, but 5:30 AM just feels a tad too early. I sometimes battle myself back to sleep, but to be honest, I do enjoy the extra few hours it gives me. I respond to emails, send messages, etc. and by the time it’s the start of business, I have dropped the kids off and am at the gym, having a phone free hour, whilst everyone else is responding.

Melanie Sykes - Down Days and Insecurities

Down Days & Insecurities

30 Jun 2016 - By nature I'm a happy bunny, this is actually my status on WhatsApp, because really most of the time I am. I wake up feeling happy I just have a sunny disposition. Really, the only time I feel angry is in the car, terrible road rage. The air is blue in my little Fiat 500c, thank God it’s a convertible to let the steam out. Just recently I was on the school run and someone was in my way, not indicating and true to form, I started getting narked and swearing at the other driver. When I realised it was a friend of mine he was instantly forgiven and it actually made me laugh.