Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

30 Aug 2018 - Get and Stay Motivated


Spectacular sea views and incredible sunsets…

20 Jun 2018 - Spectacular sea views and incredible sunsets...


Spring Summer Detox

11 May 2018 - Spring Summer Detox A 3-step plan to flush away toxins and revitalise your body with a detox diet plan.


Natural Hay Fever Remedies

26 Apr 2018 - Treating Hay Fever Naturally While we’re the first to jump for joy at those early signs of summer sun, the warmer months can be unbearable for hay fever sufferers. Those dreaded stuffy noses, streaming and itchy eyes, and sniffs and sneezes can start as early as the spring – and, for some poor souls, they last for months. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the UK – as a country, we suffer from it worse than any other in Europe – and affects a massive one in four of us. Yet so many of us simply reach for drugs to treat our symptoms, without ever considering that there might be another way.

Melanie Sykes - Summer Reads

Melanie’s Top 5 Summer Reads

01 Aug 2016 - Our summer holidays are often the only time we have to sit and read a book, or indeed books, from cover to cover. It’s the perfect opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a story and to become gripped by a thrilling plot line. What else are holidays for, but to get away from it all and

Inspiring talks

3 TED Talks to Inspire You for the Week Ahead

12 Jul 2016 - TED talks are the perfect way to give yourself a pep talk! Always enlightening, causing you to challenge your preconceptions and to make positive changes in your life, TED talks should be a regular part of your weekly self improvement routine. Here are three captivating, informative and enlightening talks to set you up for the

Notting Hill Carnival

Things to Do in London This Summer

07 Jul 2016 - Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Theatre Royal Haymarket   Watch Pixie Lott make her debut as the carefree and capricious Holly Golightly, in the iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s. The play is the tale of the vivacious, good-time girl Holly Golightly and her fantastical existence in 1940s New York City. The play features memorable songs from the era and