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30 Aug 2018 - Get and Stay Motivated

Melanie Sykes My Meditation Journey

My meditation journey

20 Aug 2018 - I tried to start meditating a few years ago using the headspace app to try to help with mindfulness and getting some calm in my life whilst actually practicing and taking it into my everyday life. I found it challenging but managed 10 – 20 mins a day. Then I moved on the Jon Kabut Zin’s app. I really liked his voice, but I wasn’t making it a regular thing. During a long trip to India I experienced a peace and enlightenment that put me back in touch with my roots. A day after my return I was working with Michelle Langer on the final touches of a TV show. Michelle asked me how the trip had been. I was totally overwhelmed as it had been truly life changing. Through my tears I told her I was trying to work out how to keep the spiritual connection I had experienced on my trip back in this, my real world. It was then that she told me she was a meditation teacher and that meditation would be the answer.

Melanie Sykes The Ranch Malibu

A day at the Ranch

05 Jul 2018 - The Ranch Malibu is a premier results-oriented fitness and wellness retreat located in California. Set against the rolling mountains of Santa Monica, and three-miles above the Pacific Ocean, this retreat provides the perfect setting to calm the mind and return to nature. The immersive experience at The Ranch is designed to improve overall well-being and health through guided fitness and nutritional programs. Guests can enjoy an invigorating daily schedule of mountain hiking, restorative yoga coupled with informative cooking classes that encourage healthy habits upon departure.

Melanie Sykes - Juan les Pins Swimming Pool

Juan les Pins: A Stunning Getaway

14 Jun 2017 - I have been going to Juan Les Pins for many years. It started in 1997 when I was the showbiz reporter for the Big Breakfast and was sent out to cover the Cannes film festival. TV budgets being what they are meant the crew and I couldn’t stay right in the the thick of the action but were put up in a hotel down the road.

Melanie Sykes - Taking On The Menopause

It’s The Menopause – What Are You Going To Do About It?

27 Mar 2017 - I am 47 this year and my friends are all around the same age, some in their early 50’s, and I have become very interested in the menopause, firstly because its going to happen to me obviously and also because I know people going through it. The pattern is said to be hereditary , so I asked my mum about her story and she had not had any symptoms by the time she was 52yrs but at this time she found out she had breast cancer and the drugs that treated that fast tracked her menopause. Fighting cancer made menopause seem like a walk in the park for her.

Melanie Sykes Declutter Your Home

Spring Is In the Air

16 Mar 2017 - The weather has cheered up considerably, the grass is growing and there might even be a blackbird outside your bedroom window kicking off at 4am these days. Spring has arrived at last. But what does Spring mean for most of us? It can bring a change in mood and increased positivity, stemming from the longer daylight hours. It can also bring a sudden burst of enthusiasm for cleaning and decluttering your home - embrace this enthusiasm and get cracking, not just for the good of your home, but decluttering your environment can even be good for your mental health.

Melanie Sykes Guide to Supplements

Supplements: Which Ones?

08 Mar 2017 - No matter how well you eat, it's always likely that there is something you're not getting from your regular diet that would boost your long term health. Whether it's iron, Omega-3 or manganese, it's likely that there is something you could be adding in to boost your long term bone health (especially after the menopause, when osteoporosis can kick in ), your energy or your immunity. Naturally, the wellness industry has this covered - in abundance - but with so much to choose from, how can you identify what suits you, and what brands are out there that have it nailed?

Melanie Sykes Adaptogens

Adaptogens: What are they, and do you need them?

06 Mar 2017 - The latest buzzword in health and wellness has been "adaptogens". They've been around in ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but the concept has just recently begun to take root in the West, and adaptogenic ingredients have been finding their way into various supplements and drinks. But what exactly are they, and do you need them in your life?

Melanie Sykes Dublin

Insider Guide: Dublin

14 Feb 2017 - Last week, Melanie enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Dublin to catch up with old friends, and visit her favourite hairdresser, Ceira Lambert. Staying at the fabulous Powerscourt Hotel, she got to explore some of the best that Dublin has to offer, from beautiful Enniskerry just outside the city, to the stalwart of the Irish high street Penneys (founded in Dublin in the 60's, Penneys is known as Primark elsewhere in Europe). If you are lucky enough to visit Dublin this Spring, make note of these insider tips (from a native Dubliner!) to make sure you get the best out of your visit.

Melanie Sykes Marrakech La Mamounia Hotel

Insider Guide: Marrakech

05 Feb 2017 - Marrakech is a fascinating and accessible city, with a breathtaking range of things to do, see and eat. Bristling with fantastic and affordable places to stay both inside and outside the city, it's a short flight from the UK and English is widely spoken - where English fails, any French you can scrape together will go a long way. Melanie visited Marrakech recently when she took part in a bootcamp just outside the city, and had a fantastic time getting away from the winter chill here in England. She didn't have time to explore the city properly on her whirlwind visit, so here is her checklist for next time.

melanie sykes interview kate_tilston_life_coach_1200x

Meet Kate Tilston – Practical Life Coach

30 Jan 2017 - Kate is a Life Coach who uses very practical methods to help her clients get results. People go to see her because they want to change something in their lives but might not know how to just yet.


Planning The Perfect January

29 Dec 2016 - Whether you are feeing suitably overindulged, cheesed off, bored, cold or still brimming with Christmas cheer, it's likely that January is going to be the start of some kind of new routine for your well-being. For some of us this means giving up alcohol, overhauling our diets or starting - and sticking to - a new fitness plan. Or perhaps it means a new wardrobe, beauty routine or style resolution. It could even mean a new hobby - there are a lot of dark evenings ahead of us in the coming months, and there needs to be more to your life than the OA or Westworld.


Theta Healing With Deborah Talalay

07 Dec 2016 - I am always looking for ways to create some peace and harmony in my life and a lot of that comes from coming to terms with personal history and making peace with my decisions and my actions all of which make me me but they also don’t define me.

Melanie Sykes - The Wild Rabbit

Have a Smug and Organised Christmas: Part 1

17 Nov 2016 - I'm just going to come out and say it. Christmas. Whether you like it or not, it's just around the corner, supermarkets are full of increasingly exotic yumminess (Persian Spiced Christmas Pudding, anyone?) and people are already planning parties and seasonal lunches.


How to Beat the Bloat

17 Oct 2016 - Bloating is an uncomfortable experience, that most, if not all of us will suffer with from time to time. The symptoms of bloating can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, but usually involve a feeling of tightness in the abdomen and a visibly swollen tummy. Problems associated with bloating are commonly caused by eating too fast, gas, water retention,


Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Food

07 Oct 2016 - Food is a source of great pleasure in life. From savouring the aromas, textures and flavours of food, to experimentation in the kitchen, and food’s association with celebratory occasions, such as wedding breakfasts and Christmas. Along with the socially cohesive effect of dining with with friends and family, a lot of joy can derived from food. Conversely, it can also be


How to Beat Brain Fog

04 Oct 2016 - Fatigue, irritability, trouble concentrating, headaches, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, do any of these sound familiar to you? If you answered yes, then you may be suffering from brain fog. Brain fog used to be largely associated with the older generation, but it is increasingly becoming a problem of the young. Why? Well scientists and health care


Staying Hydrated – Stylishly

16 Sep 2016 - You don't have to have the coolest water bottle in your yoga class to achieve the best downward facing dog, but sometimes we struggle to remember to drink enough water, and if having a fantastic bottle by your side helps you, then it can only be a good thing, right?


Travel Insider: Rethymno

15 Sep 2016 - Crete is often forgotten when people think of the best destinations for sunshine and culture in Europe. Maybe you associate it with grim drinking destinations like Malia, maybe you think there's nothing there, maybe you don't think about it at all.


How To Become A Mindful Parent

12 Sep 2016 - Mindful parenting encourages parents to become more self aware, to slow down, think and decide on a course of action, rather than allowing emotions to overwhelm and for home life to spiral out of control. Now, this all sounds easy enough, but what practical steps we can put into place to ensure that calmness prevails in everyday stressful situations?

Melanie Sykes - Kate Tomas - Intuitive Consultant

Discovering & Using Your Intuition To Make Better Decisions

05 Sep 2016 - Intuition is something that we often suspect is there but often don't know how to put to practical use.

Sometimes you get a bad feeling at an interview, but accept the job anyway only to regret it six months later when your manager is making your life a misery. Sometimes at a meeting you know instinctively what the solution is, but doubting yourself, you hang back, stay quiet and then quietly seethe when somebody else says it and everybody agrees. And how many times have you wilfully ignored your gut feeling at the start of a less-than-successful relationship? So it's there, but rather than doubting its existence and pushing it to the side, how do you make it one of your core skills, something you trust and use to do better in your life and in your career?

Melanie Sykes - Review Of The Deep Blue Sea

Theatre Review: The Deep Blue Sea

25 Aug 2016 - It is fair to say that Helen McCrory is my favourite actress. She is utterly mesmerising and totally believable in all that she does, so when I heard she was starring in a play at the National Theatre, I had to see it, The Deep Blue Sea was written by Terence Rattigan in 1952, and is set in a flat in Ladbroke Grove, the home of Hester Collyer, played by McCrory. Hester is found by her neighbour in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, and the play tells the story of her tempestuous affair with Freddie Page, a former RAF pilot played by Tom Burke.

Melanie Sykes - Floral Instagram Favourites

Melanie’s Favourite Floral Instagram Accounts

19 Aug 2016 - We hope you didn't miss Melanie's email this week about her favourite floral Instagram accounts? If you did, then don't forget to sign up to her mailing list here so you never miss out again! Here are the six Instagram accounts that Melanie mentioned in her letter - her favourites for her daily floral fix:

Melanie Sykes - Foxhill Manor Oak Bedroom

The Perfect Short Break: Dormy House and Foxhill Manor

18 Aug 2016 - To escape London midweek is an absolute treat and I could feel the tension easing away just driving into the beautiful countryside. The Cotswolds is stunning with undulating fields as far as the eye can see and great country roads for the drive. My destination was Dormy House, a 17th century farmhouse in the heart of the Broadway and a part of the 400 acre Farncombe Estate.

Melanie Sykes - Wedding Gifts

Brilliant Wedding Gifts For All Budgets

11 Aug 2016 - Wedding season has been in full swing for a while now, and maybe you are suffering from wedding fatigue or maybe you're having the time of your life and looking forward to the next stylish nuptials in your calendar.

Melanie Sykes - Modern Summer Prints

Modern Summer Prints

02 Aug 2016 - When it comes to summer prints it has to be all about bright, bold colours and quirky designs, and something as little and inexpensive as colourful tea towels can bring some new life to any home. Take a look at some of our favourite summery prints for some inspiration!

Melanie Sykes - Summer Reads

Melanie’s Top 5 Summer Reads

01 Aug 2016 - Our summer holidays are often the only time we have to sit and read a book, or indeed books, from cover to cover. It’s the perfect opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a story and to become gripped by a thrilling plot line. What else are holidays for, but to get away from it all and

summer hair 2016

Hot Summer Hair Trends

18 Jul 2016 - If you’re stuck in a hair rut and would like to mix things up for summer, then look no further. We have put together a helpful little guide on the hot hair trends for this season. So go forth, straighten, tousle and braid your hair to perfection for beautiful looking tresses this season! Natural Un-Done