The benefits of Mushroom Coffee

07 Aug 2018 - Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee with chaga and lion’s mane is your go-to morning beverage to support productivity, focus, and creativity. Perfect to kickstart your morning or power through your workday at the office or at home. Drink whenever your brain needs an energizing get-it-together hug.

Melanie Sykes Vegan Soup

Delicious Vegan Soup

30 Jul 2018 - If you’re looking to make a silky smooth, creamy vegan soup, today is your day. This gem caught our attention because it is quite different than most “creamy” vegan soups we come across. It uses a clever trick to achieve its signature texture. And the resulting soup doesn’t rely on heavy cream or lots of coconut milk.


A Sweet Treat

16 Jul 2018 - To be completely honest, the team in the office have always had the idea in our heads that scones were boring. If there’s no chocolate involved in baked goods, then why make it, right? Totally wrong! About a year or so ago, we all started to get into making and baking new recipes. And since then, we have been slowly coming around and have completely changed our minds about fruit baked goods. Sure, we have never actually eaten a fruit based dessert… for dessert, but for breakfast? Yes, please!

Melanie Sykes - Alice Mackintosh

Q&A With Nutritionist Alice Mackintosh

05 Apr 2017 - Alice Mackintosh is a fully qualified, degree level Nutritional Therapist in central London. Her experience as a practitioner led her to release a range of top quality, effective nutritional supplements ( and in January 2017 she released a book, The Happy Kitchen, a guide for eating to keep you calm, happy, boost your energy and help you sleep.

Melanie Sykes Vegetarian Life

The Vegetarian Life: Are You Doing It Right?

25 Mar 2017 - Meat-eating can be quite a divisive subject when it comes to healthy living. It's an easy way to get protein and certain nutrients into your diet, but we all know about the probable links between red meat and cancer, and the ethics and environment impact of meat mean that it's not impossible that we will stop eating meat altogether in the not too distant future.

Melanie Sykes Onist Food

Healthy Snacks To Buy And Make

03 Mar 2017 - A healthy diet does not have to exclude snacking, so long as you think about what you eat and make sure that you always have healthy snacks at home or out and about, so that you don't succumb to an emergency ham and cheese croissant! Whatever your snack, it should be low is salt and sugar, and have some protein to fill you up, or contribute to your five a day. Here are our favourites, including some great startups that you should check out.

Melanie Sykes Breakfast With Friends

What’s For Breakfast?

16 Feb 2017 - Breakfast fashions rapidly come and go, with fitness Instagrammers regularly posting pictures of their complicated almond milk breakfast smoothies or avocado and egg concoctions on the one hand, and a coffee + croissant grabbed from the cafe by your office on the other. Some of us love something hearty and and filling at 7am, but for the rest of us, nothing could be less appealing. Here are our top 10 breakfasts - a little bit healthy, a little bit realistic...


8 Healthy Store Cupboard Essentials To Seek Out For January

20 Dec 2016 - Lots of trendy healthy recipes that you see on Instagram or Pinterest often seem to have ridiculous ingredients that you just don't normally have, but there are several that crop up over and over again, and are easily available - if not in your weekly shop, then from lots of great suppliers here in the UK.


Lemon & Ginger Chicken with Cannellini Beans

15 Dec 2016 - Today we have another hearty recipe from the fabulous Mike Ward - perfect for warming you up on a chilly December evening, and perfect for reheating the next day for a healthy office lunch.


Lemon & Walnut Falafels w Sambal Yoghurt by Chef Mike Ward

28 Oct 2016 - Mike Ward hails from Canada, via his birthplace of Australia. A much-loved feature on Canadian television, he has cooked for Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and writes and presents features on food and cooking with a down-to-earth attitude and good humour. We have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of him on this


The Willow Restaurant Review – A Ground Breaking Health Concept

27 Oct 2016 - I met Ped Milichamp a few years ago on a photoshoot when he was the creative director of Mens Fitness magazine. So when he contacted me and invited me for lunch to talk about his new role as head of creative & operations at Bluesky connextions, promoting a new concept restaurant ‘The Willow’, in Kingston,


The Benefits of Matcha & Latte Recipe

24 Oct 2016 - Matcha Geen Tea is a potent powdered tea, made from the nutrient-rich young leaves of Camellia sinesis plants, and is essentially a highly potent green tea. Unlike when drinking other green teas, where you are drinking the hot water steeped in tea leaves, with matcha, you are drinking the actual leaves. Matcha’s healthy punch comes


Not Just For Pina Coladas: Why You Should Eat More Pineapple

22 Sep 2016 - The pina colada has a somewhat dated, uncool reputation. It has a slightly 80's image, and lacks the chic of a negroni or a wasabi martini, but nevertheless it is completely delicious, and conjures up memories of summer sunshine, beachy hair and holidays by the sea. But now it's late September, and unless you are very lucky, pina coladas on the beach are off the menu just now, but perhaps we can fill the gap in our hearts with some healthy pineapple?


Lentil & Cumin Cassoulet With Sausages From Chef Mike Ward

21 Sep 2016 - Mike Ward hails from Canada, via his birthplace of Australia. A much-loved feature on Canadian television, he has cooked for Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and writes and presents features on food and cooking with a down-to-earth attitude and good humour.

Melanie Sykes - Joe Hurd

I’ll Start With a Pea Please Bob

06 Sep 2016 - A solitary pea is looking up at me from the rusty red ragu of the arancini's molten core. In my three years on planet earth, to date this has been the most unusual occurrence and will be a memory burned into my mind for eternity. That lone legume, lost amongst the minced veal, beef and pork of the deep fried rice snack made me sit up, metaphorically of course, according to my mum my posture had been excellent from about 12 months old. My embryonic mind started asking questions, How could this pea be here? why? Is its inclusion the reason each gobful tastes better than the frankly awesome Italian food I get back home from my funny little Calabrian grandpa?


Insider’s Guide: Best Places For Lunch in Glasgow

02 Sep 2016 - Glasgow is a city which has managed to ditch its previously ‘grim’ tag over the past couple of  decades and like Manchester,  Newcastle and other up-and-coming Northern locations offers impressive shopping, cultural attractions and fabulous eating places. If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Glasgow around lunch time, the following five locations

Melanie Sykes - Ozone Coffee London

5 Amazing Coffee Roasters

01 Sep 2016 - Melanie might be giving caffeine a miss these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well.  The smell of freshly roasted coffee is too wonderful to stay away from for long, and over the last few years a number of fantastic independent coffee roasters have opened up all over the country, so there’s no

Melanie Sykes - Fig and Cashew Zoats Receipe fro Ariana Gernet

Recipe: Fig and Cashew Zoats

31 Aug 2016 - Porridge is a wonderful breakfast option, but can get a little bit samey, after a while. But there are plenty of simple ways to pimp your breakfast bowl. You can experiment with different toppings, such as rhubarb and vanilla or fig and pistachio, or try replacing the dairy with creamy coconut milk.

Melanie Sykes - Tonia Buxton Warm Halloumi and Peach Salad Recipe and Cous Cous Salad Recipe
Melanie Sykes - Sjaniel Turrell - Nutritional Mistakes Every Woman Makes

The Biggest Nutrition Mistake Busy Women Make

23 Aug 2016 - Whether you’re a business woman, a full time mum or both you may recognise this ‘busy woman’ eating pattern that so many time-poor women fall into. From our early 20s when we’re waiting tables or working late nights and strange shifts to get by until the time we have to work around the clock at the start of our careers or live in sleep deprived cycles looking after new-borns and toddlers we often feed ourselves simply to stay alert and alive without allowing ourselves to properly sit down calmly and eat at the right times during the day – who has the time for that?!

Melanie Sykes - Favourite Herbal Teas - Teapigs Liquorice and Peppermint

From Liquorice to Matcha – Some Of Our Favourite Teas

21 Aug 2016 - If you're embarking on a bit of a health kick this summer and part of your new regime involves switching from caffeine to herbal tea then it helps to have a few 'go-to' teas you already know you'll love. Herbal teas don't just taste good, many of them have the double bonus of making you feel good too (calmer and less stressed). There are so many blends on the market these days, so once you have found your favourite herb or root combination, you can start trying out the many different brands, both large and small, that offer it. We have chosen a few of our favourites here, but this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Melanie Sykes - Melanie Lawson Bare Biology Omega 3 Fish Oil and Chidren's Diets

How Omega 3 Fish Oil Can Help Your Children

17 Aug 2016 - Part of being a parent is learning to accept our children as individuals with their own free will and personality, while guiding them to make good choices. This includes the choices they make with their diet, and it’s a really tough one. Most children would happily live off junk food and it’s much easier to let them eat what they want than to have dinner table battles

Melanie Sykes - Gilgamesh London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review – Gilgamesh, London

08 Aug 2016 - Yesterday was my 46th birthday, and I had such a wonderful day. My beautiful friend Susan Seel arranged a slap up lunch at Pan-Asian restaurant Gilgamesh in Camden. Me and the boys love sushi so it was the perfect choice, especially on a hot day.

Melanie Sykes - Meat Free Monday

Plan Your Weekly Shop: Meat Free Monday Meal Ideas

05 Aug 2016 - We have been told that eating too much meat, particularly processed meats, like sausages and ham can increase the likelihood of developing cancers; and we have also been warned that the burgeoning population’s demand for food, and in particular meats, is likely to send greenhouse gases soaring. Factors like these can only increase the trend towards vegetarian and especially vegan diets.

Melanie Sykes - Kitchen Must Have

5 Kitchen Must Haves

03 Aug 2016 - Sometimes, cooking can be wonderful way to de-stress. You can't think about work when you're measuring out the ingredients for a tray-load of chocolate chip muffins or trying to roll out some pastry for a quiche (even if it’s just the shop-bought kind!), and having great kitchen gadgets can make this form of culinary therapy even better.


Kid Friendly & Nutritious Chicken

27 Jul 2016 - Sarah Wilson is a former newspaper, magazine and TV journalist, who quit sugar as a bit of an experiment and has never looked back. After quitting sugar, Sarah felt more energised, with better skin and a greater sense of well being. You can find out more about Sarah and her delicious recipes on her website, I Quit Sugar.

Melanie Sykes - Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin

03 Jul 2016 - Eat more citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen healing and skin repair. It may also protect against damage from the sun. According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women over 40 with the highest amounts of vitamin C in their diet were eleven per cent less likely to develop wrinkles than those with low levels.

Melanie Sykes - Non-Alcoholic Wine

Melanie’s Favourite Alcohol Free White Wines

30 Jun 2016 - It was with trepidation I embarked on the non-alcoholic wine taste test. I haven't had a glass of wine for nearly 3 months so the taste expectations were huge. I'd heard that non-alcoholic wines tasted like grape juice and it didn't sound too appealing. I was extremely excited to find that these wines can be delicious and don't feel like you're drinking a soft drink.

Melanie Sykes - Unexpected Superfoods - Blueberries

5 Unexpected Superfoods

30 Jun 2016 - Chia seeds, avocados and kale are among the list of popular superfoods we’ve all been rushing out to buy over the last few years. Sometimes paying over the odds for their popularity and exotic origins, but there are a few everyday culinary superstars that have been overlooked in the process. Here are a few of our everyday food heroes to look out for next time you’re doing the weekly shop!

Eton Mess Recipe - Featured Image

Eton Mess Recipe

30 Jun 2016 - Strawberries are synonymous with the Wimbledon tennis tournament and are one of the many joys of summer! At Wimbledon you can expect your strawberries to be served with fresh cream, but if you are enjoying watching the tennis from home this year, you might like to try something a little different. Here’s our Wimbledon inspired Eton Mess recipe for you to try and don’t worry, meringue is so much easier to make than you might think!