Melanie Sykes - Tempo Pilates London

De-stressing with Pilates

02 May 2017 - I can forgive you if you think Pilates isn’t for you. After attending my first class I swore I’d never go back. Why? Because I hadn’t broken a sweat and couldn’t see the point. Now, looking back on that day I cringe at my naivety. Plus, I now sweat during every Pilates class I teach.

Melanie Sykes - Tennis

Tennis: The Full Body Workout You’ve Been Missing Out On

27 Apr 2017 - Everyone loves it when the annual Pimms drinking, strawberry and cream eating time of the year shows its face. For two weeks, we become experts in tennis and Andy Murray’s biggest fans. Some offices even allow colleagues to watch matches on a big screen (yes, really!) and there’s a very “Great British” buzz in the air. Hurrah!

Melanie Sykes - Yoga Design Lab

Best Yoga Mats for 2017

17 Apr 2017 - A good yoga mat is the core of any number of home or studio workouts, and although the technology might seem simple, this is an object you are going to spend a lot of time in close contact with, so you might as well love it, not just for its looks but also, of course, its functionality, durability and comfort. The yoga mat industry seems to know no limits and there are hundreds to choose from, but we've picked out our top five to get you started.

Melanie Sykes - Getting Back Your Flat Stomach After A Baby

Getting Your Flat Stomach Back After Children

10 Apr 2017 - You’d be forgiven if your plan to obliterate your post-baby belly fat involved daily crunches and a seven-day juice diet. It seems the sensible option, right? Drastic times etc. But how would you feel if we told you you were taking the wrong approach?

Melanie Sykes Pelvic Floor Exercise

Fitness Trend: Pelvic Floor Toning

20 Mar 2017 -

Melanie Sykes Exercise During Perimenopause
Melanie Sykes Barre Video

Video: Barre Workout with Natasha, Part 2

28 Feb 2017 - Last week we shared the first part of our barre workout series with Natasha with you and today we have part two. This video really works your lower body - you butt, legs and thighs, and although many of the movements are quite small, they are controlled and intense, so don't underestimate the burn!

Melanie Sykes Natasha Wood Barre Workout

Video: Upper Body Barre Workout With Natasha

21 Feb 2017 - The lovely Natasha Wood was featured here before, when she shared one of her fantastic workouts with us before Christmas. This week Melanie has been working out with her at the barre again, and we're going to be posting a few videos to give you some tips for this straightforward but challenging workout as Melanie and Natasha talk it through and show you some moves.

Melanie Sykes Yogaia

Keeping Fit Online: Streaming

13 Feb 2017 - Living in London, an easy hop from her favourite gyms, Melanie works out with plenty of company most days, whether she's tackling a spin class at Core Collective or working with Sarah Lindsay, her personal trainer. For lots of us though, that's just not possible, whether it's because we're too far away from a nice gym, have too long a commute or small children (or all three!). DVD's are one solution (the Tracy Anderson Method offers heaps to choose from), but for the last couple of years streaming has been increasing hugely in popularity.

Melanie Sykes - Sarah Lindsey Olympic Speed Skater Personal Trainer 2

Get Personal With Melanie’s Personal Trainer

08 Feb 2017 - Sarah Lindsay is the founder of Roar fitness, A three-time Olympian and a personal trainer like no other. A European gold medalist, 2x world silver medalist and 10x British speed skating champion, Sarah is an inspiration to anyone looking to reach their full potential.

Melanie Sykes No 1 Boot Camp - Mel Sykes warrior pose by pool APPROVED

Heating Things Up In Marrakech

25 Jan 2017 - What a brilliant time I had at the No1 bootcamp in Marrakech. Just what I needed to start 2017 off with a positive powerful start. The camp runs weekly sessions 51 weeks of the year In Norfolk ,Ibiza and marrakech from Saturday to Saturday, and No 1 Boot Camps aim is to transform their guests on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

me and marv cardio

Fit in 5

23 Jan 2017 - It was really exciting to get a call from Sky TV asking if I’d like to be involved in a new fitness push for 2017. It’s a concept called ‘Fit in 5’ created by Sky’s gym PT Marvin Ambrosius. He has created lots of 5 min workouts that are simple but challenging  using body weight

Melanie Sykes Ballet Freed London

Gain Grace & Strength: Ballet

20 Jan 2017 - Ballet has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, with classes for adults and ballet-inspired workouts springing up all over the country. If you want to get involved, you can go down the "inspired" route or go for traditional ballet study, for which age doesn't have to stand in your way. If you want to actually dance with the English National Ballet, you might have left it a bit late to start (I'm assuming that you are over 7 or 8 years of age here), but adults can make astonishing progress, even going en pointe after a couple of years.


38ºN Fitness Retreat in Ibiza

18 Nov 2016 - As you know, I love to get away out of London, especially at this time of year, but going on holiday is never an excuse for me to not train or take care of what I eat, because for me it is a way of life. So when the opportunity arose to check out 38ºN fitness retreat in Ibiza I was curious as to what it did, what it would do for me and what it was does for others in this otherwise notorious party island. So why there, of all places?


Melanie Loves KOBOX

21 Oct 2016 - My friend Sue Seel introduced to me to Kobox, she knew how much boxing training I had enjoyed in the past and knew it would be right up my street. Kobox is a boxing gym in the centre of Chelsea in London and it is completely swanksville compared to the boxing gyms I’ve been to


London’s Best Running Spots

18 Oct 2016 - If you love nothing more than pounding the pavement and are looking for the very best places in London to burn some energy, then read on. We have put together a little guide to the best places to burn off some steam in the capital. With you’re route decided, now all that’s left to do


Love Your Glutes – They Do More Than You Think!

20 Sep 2016 - Your glutes are easily forgotten when you work out at home. Abs seem obvious, so do arms, but your bum and the backs of your thighs? Out of sight - out of mind, at least during your workout. Except they're not out of sight for everyone else! Working out your glutes has the obvious impact of lifting and firming your bottom, but did you know that it can also help you prevent back pain?


Work-Out Leggings That Will Brighten Your Day

14 Sep 2016 - It's a gorgeous day today, so use it to keep a bit of summer in your workout for the rest of the autumn with our pick of colourful and dramatic workout leggings.

Melanie Sykes - Plate Exercises Video

Video: Plate Workout

22 Aug 2016 - In this video, Melanie will take you through a series of plate exercises. Incredible for toning and strengthening, these exercises can be done with professional core exercise sliders such as these, or you can repurpose any small, flat object that will slide on your floor - even paper plates!

Melanie Sykes - Natasha Wood Barre and Pilates

Summer Morning Workout with Natasha

16 Aug 2016 - I'm Natasha J Wood, a barre trainer and fitness connoisseur with a YouTube channel that teaches you how to get fit through barre with a little motivation along the way ;-) . I met the lovely Melanie Sykes at the barre of course! She's a regular at my Heartcore class in Hampstead, were she's perfected those hard moves like the water ski and dreaded chair that will have those thighs and butt shaking into shape in no time.

Melanie Sykes - Heartcore Fitness Reformer Pilates Studio

Melanie Interviews: Jess Schuring of Heartcore Fitness

15 Aug 2016 - I have been going to Heartcore for about a year now to do reformer pilates and barre classes just a few of of the classes that are on offer there. I caught up with Jess Schuring who is the founder of these fabulous studios to ask her about her inspiration and experience as an entrepreneur.

Melanie Sykes - Ab Workout

Video: Ultimate Ab Workout

09 Aug 2016 -

Melanie Sykes - Working at the Barre Studio


30 Jun 2016 - I am inspired by many exterior influences to stay in shape, but mainly and more importantly, i’m motivated by the way exercise makes me feel. Of course the physical results are a huge motivation too! I have been training for a good 8 years now and it's not an ‘obsession’, it has just become a really good habit. Yes, there are days when I don’t fancy going to the gym, which to be honest aren’t often, but I always go anyway and on these occasions the psychological rewards are even better, because you really had to work for it and the endorphins and sense of pride are fantastic.

My Top Post Workout Stretches - Thigh Stretch & Featured Image

And Stretch

30 Jun 2016 - Hands up those who stretch before a workout …Yep, thought so, really very few of us. Hands up those who stretch after a work out …..okay, so that's more people, but is it just an afterthought as we leave the gym? Well it is for me. I for one am always time poor so I like to use my hour in the gym for pure training, but your body does need to stretch before and afterwards and although I do a few quick stretches they're not really that useful and I’m not using them to their full potential.

Melanie Sykes - Fitspiration

Fit for Fitness

29 Jun 2016 - If we’re going to spend time working hard at the gym to get fit and healthy, then we may as well look good doing it! Having the perfect gym kit can be the much needed nudge in the right direction to get us out to the gym to show our kit off. Gone are the days where working up a sweat in a tatty pair of tracksuit bottoms and a vest would do, now it’s all about carefully curated sportswear lines, with high street brands and celebrities, like Beyonce and Kate Hudson jumping on the bandwagon with their own super trendy sportswear lines. So if you’re thinking of getting fit in time for your summer holidays, then there really is no better time to be hitting the shops for your sportswear fix. There are options to suit all budgets (Primark do a very good range, by all accounts) and a huge range to choose from; whether you’re hitting the treadmill, flexing your stuff in yoga or working up a sweat with some HIIT exercises, there an outfit for every occasion. Here are our top picks, guaranteed to keep you looking stylish whilst you work up a sweat!