Back To School: 6 Early Morning Beauty Shortcuts

Everyone is back to school by now, and if you have a school run to fit into your routine, suddenly mornings have to happen a lot earlier, a lot faster and a lot more efficiently than they have for the last few weeks. Now it’s all about making sure that everybody is clean and fed, with gym kits and water bottles, and preparing yourself to meet the outside world, when a week ago you had salty hair and nothing more pressing than choosing which bikini to wear today, and at a sensible time of the day, like lunchtime.

The concept of “school gate style” is a bit cringe-worthy, but if you have to go straight to work from the school run or just want to look moderately presentable for your morning, but generally end up with about 10 minutes to get yourself ready, you need a couple of quick fixes.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation dries to a near-powder finish, minimising faffing around with powder, but if you haven’t got the time or interest in foundation, the brand new Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand will do the trick.

Not all dry shampoos are created equal, but we love the new Ouai Dry Shampoo from Space NK – it works, and feels fancy enough to allay the guilt.  If you have the time to wash and dry your hair, then Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Foam Spray gives you some quick volume, and a nostalgic beachy vibe.

Just because you’re watching the clock, doesn’t mean your shower can’t be a little bit decadent, and This Works never disappoints – try the aptly named Energy Bank shower gel for a brisk start.

Finally, it’s a cliché, but a great scarf covers a multitude of sins, and while the Mumsnet scarf might be a bit of a school gate secret handshake for some, a summery yellow with a hint of leopard from Matthew Williamson will help hang on to a bit of summer.