Some of you may or may not know I have two sons. Roman is my eldest he is 14, and I have 12 year old Tino who is on the autistic spectrum.

He was diagnosed in 2006 when he was two years old and it is been a journey and a half. some good, some bad and some downright ugly but now he is older things have calmed down and plateaued although we are however on the cusp of the hormone phase.  So I am bracing myself for that in order to guide him through it.

Tino is a really happy person, he sees the positive in everything. He is sweet, polite and hates any discord.

We are going through a vital stage in his education and after months of stress and worry, his father Daniel and I have finally found a school that Tino has been accepted at. It is a mainstream school with an amazing provision for children with special educational needs.  We feel extremely lucky and relieved to have found one.

The journey we have been on, and the stories that you have kindly shared, have highlighted what a rarity these schools are. Your experiences have reinforced how difficult it is to find an appropriate school setting for children on the spectrum. We must not drop the ball, but must continue to fight until every child gets the education they deserve.

Please take a look at this clip to get a sense of our history.