Melanie Sykes - Non-Alcoholic Wine

Melanie’s Favourite Alcohol Free White Wines

It was with trepidation I embarked on the non-alcoholic wine taste test.

I haven’t had a glass of wine for nearly 3 months, so the taste expectations were huge. I’d heard that non-alcoholic wines tasted like grape juice and it didn’t sound too appealing.

I was extremely excited to find that these wines can be delicious and don’t feel like you’re drinking a soft drink.

Natureo Muscat Torres 0% £5.99

This was the first one that I tasted and I was immediately surprised at how good it is. it was very sweet and floral, as a Muscat should be. For me, this wine would be perfect as a spritzer. surprisingly good.

Ebony Vale 0.05% £2.99

This Chardonnay is very much to my taste. As well as being fruity, there’s a hint of vanilla which is smooth. It tastes delicious!

Eisberg Rose 0% £3, Morrisons
This is a taste explosion! It’s not smooth by any stretch, but I love flavours that bite you back. It is almost citrusy. This alcohol free lark is sensational, you even get that wine after taste, it really does seem like the real thing.

Wine Makers Selection by 0% Sainsburys, Sparkling £2.50

If you love a Babycham, you’ll love this it is dry it is tangy and fresh. It would be cracking in a Buck’s Fizz.

Echo falls Sparking Infusion £3.99 0%
This is highly fragrant, almost elderflower in taste. It doesn’t replace the taste of Frizzante, prosecco or champagne, but it also doesn’t veer into soft drink territory. It is really pleasant, feels like booze and extremely moreish.