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A January Detox For Your Thighs

Karen Snyder is a North Londoner with an entrepreneurial streak. After her three children were born, she realised, as so many of us do, that childcare costs made going back to traditional employment challenging, so she launched My Hospital Bag, an ingenious service to provide pregnant women with the ultimate kit for labour and a short hospital stay.

It was some years later when she came across Ionithermie treatments on holiday, but when she went looking for them in London, there was nothing. Spotting a gap in the market, Karen learned all about this niche treatment, developed in 1979 in France by a biochemist called Olivier Fouch, and soon after opened her own clinic.

Melanie Sykes Karen Snyder

Galvanic and Faradic Currents

The treatment uses two types of gentle muscle-stimulating currents (galvanic for detoxification and faradic for muscle tightening). The galvanic currents detox deep into your body to remove unwanted toxins and externally reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The faradic currents mirror the muscles that you work in the gym and results in your body tightening and losing inches.  The best part is a 30 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of 300 sit-ups and a hip/thigh treatment is the equivalent of 300 squats and lunges – all achieved while simply lying flat on a treatment bed!

And as a well-established entrepreneur, successfully running an online baby business, Karen told me “I was looking for a new venture and believe that this unique treatment is the perfect way to help detox and firm your body.” Since launching,, currently operating in NW London, Karen has treated many women and men who are enjoying the benefits as much as Karen did the first time she used it.

I decided to try out 6 treatments with Karen for me is was more for the the quality of the appearance of the skin on my thighs as apposed to inch loss. The treatment works using a small, handheld machine and the initial feeling I had was a sudden tingly, pins and needles sensation which is the detox activating inside you, this made me laugh so much and the stronger it got the more I laughed. I am a bit nutty like that though! Next I felt a pulling sensation on my muscles, the feeling would come and go.

A Detoxing "Work-Out"

After ten minutes, Karen turns the machine up and the pulling sensation increases, being the gym bunny that I am, I have to say I loved the feeling at this point as it reminded me of pushing myself at the gym and I could really feel my muscles working.

Another ten minutes and the machine is turned up again, which I loved.  After 30 minutes, the machine switches off and I felt like I have had a really good gym workout! The treatment definitely made my skin feel smoother and my muscles definitely felt like they had been toned.  I also felt lighter and less bloated which Karen told me was my body being drained of all those nasty toxins.

Why not try it out and get in shape for 2017!

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Normally £70 – Introductory price for Melanie’s readers: £46