Melanie Sykes - Ozone Coffee London

5 Amazing Coffee Roasters

Melanie might be giving caffeine a miss these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well.  The smell of freshly roasted coffee is too wonderful to stay away from for long, and over the last few years a number of fantastic independent coffee roasters have opened up all over the country, so there’s no excuse for drinking supermarket coffee any more.  Get your V60 out and check out our roundup of the best:

Ozone, London

Located in trendy Shoreditch, Ozone initially started up in New Zealand back in 1998 before expanding to the UK in 2009.  They opened their café and shop in London in 2012 and haven’t looked back (except when they’re nipping back to NZ to win awards, of course).

The company takes up two huge floors in a converted warehouse at 11 Leonard Street. The upstairs is more of a restaurant and the basement is the coffee bar. It currently sells five coffee house blends and five different single origin beans – as well as brewing equipment, grinders and aprons.

Ozone Coffee, Shoreditch


3FE, Dublin

Short for 3rd Floor Espresso, this roaster and coffee shop at 32/34 Lower Grand Canal Street in the heart of the city’s thriving tech quarter, only serves single-origin beans – and even then just a choice of three at the one time. These can, however, be used for filter or espresso coffee. There’s also a big selection of brewing equipment and some scarily expensive espresso machines.

The business opened at the end of 2009 and now supplies coffee to some of the finer dining establishments in the city. The milk they use is organic and comes from cows bred by local suppliers.


3FE, Dublin, Ireland


UE Coffee, Whitney

In March 2009 Dominic and Daniella Boyett set about setting up the UK’s first and only artisan wood powered roaster – despite warnings from experienced coffee barista Dominic’s peers that it wouldn’t work. Seven years later UE Coffee Roasters is not just up-and-running but proving a run-away success. The company is based at Linkwood Road in Witney, Oxfordshire and counts celebrity chefs and government ministers as customers.

The roasting process makes use of hot air rather than a gas flame which, Dominic insists, makes the beans more evenly roasted and free from the taint of residual smoke. There’s lots of blends and beans to choose from here, as well as a range of gadgets, including gift cards.


UE Coffee Roasters, Witney, Oxfordshire


Quarter Horse, Birmingham and Oxford

Birmingham’s first – and only – commercial sized coffee roaster, Quarter Horse boasts not one, but two roasting machines with a selection of coffees and beans to take home.

With the second of their shops based in the city’s Bristol Street, coffee drinkers can enjoy a cup in the cafe while watching the roasters in action there. This independent coffee shop sells eight different types of coffee to buy, as well as travel mugs and brewing equipment.


Quarter Horse Coffee, Birmingham and Oxford


Dear Green, Glasgow

Now in its fifth year, Dear Green is a youthful micro coffee roaster based in the centre of Glasgow. The young and enthusiastic team who run it pride themselves on ‘watertight ethics,’ ensuring coffee growers are paid fairly and work in good conditions. They supply mainly to trade but offer up to nine types of coffee to buy from the website as well as merchandise, including some fabulous skull etched milk jugs. Take a look!


Dear Green Coffee, Glasgow