38ºN Fitness Retreat in Ibiza

As you know, I love to get away out of London, especially at this time of year, but going on holiday is never an excuse for me to not train or take care of what I eat, because for me it is  a way of life. So when the opportunity arose to check out 38ºN fitness retreat in Ibiza I was curious as to what it did, what it would do for me and what it was does for others in this otherwise notorious party island.

So why there, of all places?


Why Ibiza?

James, the founder of 38ºN, has always loved Ibiza, and has a passion for exercise and fitness. It was when he was competing in a triathlon on Formentera back in 2011, that he realised that Ibiza could be the perfect place for fitness holidays: great climate, inspiring natural surroundings and only a short flight from the UK. He told me that his team gets such a buzz from seeing people improve their fitness levels over the course of a holiday and heading home smiling, which makes it easy to love what they do.

James and his team are so enthusiastic and really care about there clients and their individual needs right from the get go you know they are on your side and the experience is all about you.

I talked to Claire, their Personal Trainer, about the impact that the retreats have had on her life and her own physical condition – “I’m so passionate about helping people change the way their body looks and feels, because it affects everything. The body and mind are so entwined – I’ve seen it with every client – they look good, they feel good and vice versa. I really do believe in the positive affects it has on depression (as it did me – I was once on antidepressants) and how people can transform fitness into a way of life. There is nothing like the kick I get out of motivating people to be the best they can be. And hopefully, being in the best shape of my life at 37, I can show people it’s not too late to invest in the body they have been gifted.”

If you want to go all out, the itinerary is varied and challenging. Most people will go for the week but you can do long weekend packages like I did.

The different activities include hiking, paddle boarding, kettle bell workouts, suspension training and boxing to name a few. You and your body are constantly being surprised and challenged, which I absolutely loved.


James Davis, Founder of 38ºN On What Makes It Special

“It’s a unique retreat encompassing training for the mind and body. We cap numbers at 12 and utilise our signature methodology alongside effective workout protocols like: HIIT, yoga, Pilates, boxing, suspension training, running, kickboxing and more.

We’d love you to experience the beauty of the island as well so there are hikes and stand up paddle boarding. It can be as challenging or as easy as you make it, and you’ll be fully motivated and supported by our team.

We don’t just work on the physical though, there’s a nutritional workshop and mindfulness sessions, plus work on goal setting, mindset, training methodology and a follow up online coaching call for balance of mind as well as body. Our aim is not just to train you, but to educate and set you up for long term success. If you’re looking to kick-start your fitness, shape up fast, shed some pounds, and have fun, then this is for you.

You get a 5 and a half days of varied fitness activities including 5-7 different activities per day. A typical day will include outdoor circuits, Tabata training, core fitness, and more. We also enjoy scenic hikes, and a morning on the beach with Stand-Up Paddleboarding.

There’s an amazing buffet breakfast to start the day and we’ll advise on the best options for those looking to maximise weight loss, lunches are from our own retreat menu, focussing on lean proteins and high raw or lightly cooked vegetable options: seared black cod with stir fried vegetables, bio salads, and more… evenings are free for you to experience the local town and your welcome back contains details of recommended restaurants and the healthy pics from their menus.

Of course you may also decide to relax on the hotel roof terrace and enjoy sunset with a g&t instead… Our retreats are about enabling you to make your own training and nutritional choices so whether you want to sip cocktails or slim down we’re there to support you.”


Three Days of Exhiliration

I was there for three days and did a few classes per day including boxing with James, pilates , suspension (TRX) training and a killer met con workout with Claire which left me drenched and totally exhilarated.

I stayed at the Sol House Beach Hotel with its quirky and fresh decor. It was simply beautiful, with a chic and elegant pool area. I went at the end of the season so a lot of the sessions were in doors but when the weather is good a lot of the classes are done outside so you really feel where you are. My boxing sesh was done overlooking the sea and it was beautiful even though I was working hard. The paddle boarding which always makes makes my heart rate go up out of fear of falling in which of course I did and you will too is brilliant fun.

The rest of the clients were a good mix of ages and ability and I can see it would absolutely reboot a training programme and healthy lifestyle for those who have let the ball drop on their fitness or for those novices who just want to get a concentrated entry into a whole new world of living well. For me, somebody who loves to work out, worships the sun and loves to eat delicious nutritious food, this retreat is a total no brainer.


38ºN are also doing a pre party prep weekend  in November at the Lifehouse Hotel & Spa in Essex and a new year Body Blast in Marbella.

For all details, dates and prices go to their website

Special thanks to Simply Beach for sponsoring my trip and all the important bikinis for a trip to Ibiza. Above you can see my favourites – this one from Melissa Odabash, and this gorgeous one from Vix.

Also to Fashercise for my gorgeous Jogha gym gear in the top picture. You can order the bra top and matching leggings from them here.