I want to inspire women of all ages to lead a happy, healthy and interesting life.  Every day we will share our latest inspirations and new ideas, where to holiday, realistic views on parenting, interviews with some famous faces, fashion and all the good stuff.

Authenticity is a key element in my life, always open and forever honest, and I am the driving force behind this site every step of the way. I love being a woman, I love and support the sisterhood and this site is for all of you hardworking fun loving like minded women.

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Melanie Sykes - Taking On The Menopause

It’s The Menopause – What Are You Going To Do About It?

27 Mar 2017 - I am 47 this year and my friends are all around the same age, some in their early 50’s, and I have become very interested in the menopause, firstly because its going to happen to me obviously and also because I know people going through it. The pattern is said to be hereditary , so I asked my mum about her story and she had not had any symptoms by the time she was 52yrs but at this time she found out she had breast cancer and the drugs that treated that fast tracked her menopause. Fighting cancer made menopause seem like a walk in the park for her.

Melanie Sykes Food Diary Salmon

Melanie’s Week In Food

01 Mar 2017 - Melanie has a busy week. Between radio, television and modelling jobs, meetings with brands or her agent, working out alone and with her favourite personal trainers - and looking after her two sons, Roman (14) and Valentino (12) - she is on the go from early morning and often late into the night if there is an event, or just something as simple as seeing friends.

Ozzie and olivia wayne for melaniesykes.com

Interview: Melanie Meets Olivia Wayne

22 Feb 2017 - Sky Sports presenter, Olivia Wayne is a familiar face to many, not just from her Sky Sports News slots, but also from her presenting work in the world of fashion and sports, as an ambassador for Marie Curie cancer care. She is passionate about fitness and wellness, and carried her dedication to working out straight through her pregnancy. She had her first baby earlier this year, and Melanie went to visit her to meet baby Ozzie and find out how Olivia was getting on.

Melanie Sykes - Yoga Design Lab

Best Yoga Mats for 2017

17 Apr 2017 -

Melanie Sykes Declutter Your Home

Spring Is In the Air

16 Mar 2017 - The weather has cheered up considerably, the grass is growing and there might even be a blackbird outside your bedroom window kicking off at 4am these days. Spring has arrived at last. But what does Spring mean for most of us? It can bring a change in mood and increased positivity, stemming from the longer daylight hours. It can also bring a sudden burst of enthusiasm for cleaning and decluttering your home - embrace this enthusiasm and get cracking, not just for the good of your home, but decluttering your environment can even be good for your mental health.

Melanie Sykes Vegetarian Life

Warm Peach & Halloumi Salad

From Tonia Buxton


Lentil & Cumin Cassoulet With Sausages

From Chef Mike Ward


Fig & Cashew Zoats

From Ariana Gernet of Liebes

Melanie Sykes - Alice Mackintosh

Q&A With Nutritionist Alice Mackintosh

05 Apr 2017 - Alice Mackintosh is a fully qualified, degree level Nutritional Therapist in central London. Her experience as a practitioner led her to release a range of top quality, effective nutritional supplements (www.equilondon.com) and in January 2017 she released a book, The Happy Kitchen, a guide for eating to keep you calm, happy, boost your energy and help you sleep.

Melanie Sykes Onist Food

Healthy Snacks To Buy And Make

03 Mar 2017 - A healthy diet does not have to exclude snacking, so long as you think about what you eat and make sure that you always have healthy snacks at home or out and about, so that you don't succumb to an emergency ham and cheese croissant! Whatever your snack, it should be low is salt and sugar, and have some protein to fill you up, or contribute to your five a day. Here are our favourites, including some great startups that you should check out.

Melanie Sykes Vegetarian Life

The Vegetarian Life: Are You Doing It Right?

25 Mar 2017 -

Melanie Sykes Guide to Supplements

Supplements: Which Ones?

08 Mar 2017 - No matter how well you eat, it's always likely that there is something you're not getting from your regular diet that would boost your long term health. Whether it's iron, Omega-3 or manganese, it's likely that there is something you could be adding in to boost your long term bone health (especially after the menopause, when osteoporosis can kick in ), your energy or your immunity. Naturally, the wellness industry has this covered - in abundance - but with so much to choose from, how can you identify what suits you, and what brands are out there that have it nailed?